The Erection Kids

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Pop Punk / Punk
Flight Plan

In June of 2005, something was growing in Doylestown. Something hard, and stiff. It was the phenomenon known as THE ERECTION KIDS, a pop-punk band that soon grew to local infamy.

Their name was soon whispered on the lips of kids all over State and Court Streets in picturesque Doylestown Borough, and their weekly gigging carved them out an impressive local fanbase that hadn't been seen for any one band from the area in years. Holding their own on almost any bill ranging from boring rock bands to their pop punk contemporaries to the prominent local hardcore scene, the Erection Kids won over crowds all across the board with their fun-loving spirit, infectious melodies, energetic live show, and immature toilet humor.

Things intensified with the release of their first EP, aptly named "TITTY CITY" (perhaps after the chemical in the water of Doylestown that makes girls develop large breasts at a very young age, as anyone who has been to a show at the Teen Center can attest to). This marked a swell (get it, swell? like a boner?) in the number of shows and the Erection Kids were playing, as well as a dramatic increase in audience participation. Each show became a whirlwind of kids moshing, singing along, jumping off the speakers, and piling on to sing along to lyrics like "My weiner's small, but it will grow next fall". These shows became the stuff of Doylestown legend, and the frenzy developed into a full-fledged phenomenon with their 2nd self-released EP, "Extended Pleasure", and a DVD titled "The First Six Months" which portrayed the Erection Kids at their best - crude, repulsive, talented, sexy, obnoxious, and able to play shows that incite kids to jump all over each other and go totally bonkers. They continued their schedule of frequently playing out, and even found their way into the pages of the local newspaper, The Intelligencer, which published a feature article on the band in their "Unscripted Section" (in which they were referred to as "TEK" the entire time, because if a child were to accidentally read the word "Erection" their head would explode).

Around this time, the Erection Kids began to venture outside of the state, playing shows in Delaware and New Jersey (and a botched tour they'd rather not speak of that ended three hours into it because some idiot woman driver crashed into them and totalled their van) and other parts of beautiful Pennsylvania, like Wilkes-Barre. It was in the frigid Pocono Mountains outside of Wilkes-Barre that they became friends with Title Fight, a like-minded band that they would team up for in order to put out this split release on Flight Plan Records featuring their catchiest and most-developed songs to date.

-Justin Ogden
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