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Death Metal / Metal / Hardcore
Entreat. - brewed with tradition since 1997!

Every bio has a lot of crap so this is our crap! Created in 1997 in a train station basement Entreat made a long way and after 11 years we are still playing in the same basement. The band was formed after the beginning cramps with Matjaž, Miloš, Patrik, Rok and Valter listed as members. As a result some promo materials were recorded, soon followed by a single.

At that time Entreat was already a band known by the local environment. The break through was the first album Shaded released in 2001 by Choose Life Records. Entreat began touring all around Slovenia and Europe. Entreat cruised through Europe several times rocking people of all nations.

A meaningful turbulence for the band was the change of two members what has resulted as a turn in music orientation. Samo replaced Rok behind the drums and Peter replaced Valter on the bass guitar. The music has become harder, faster, more aggressive but still keeping that clean tone guitars that gives the Entreat sound. The proof is the second album Deincubation recorded in Alpha Omega studio in Italy and released in 2005 by Moonlee Inc.

Entreat comes from Slovenia but its said we have our roots far in the north, deep in Swedish metal. A statement we leave opened for discussions for the music critics. But something seems obviously for us. We are death, in an Entreat kind of way.

A new change hit Entreat in 2007 with Samo, the drummer, leaving the band. Jonathan from Italy jumped in and he is doing a great job on his place behind the drums. Like every change till now this one too resulted in a music change. With the new drummer Entreat is getting even harder and faster but still keeping its own sound.

At the moment we are leaving our basement with the new material created last year to seduce your hearing organs wherever you are.

anno 2008
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