Riihimäki, FI
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Punk
Combat Rock Industry / Blacktop records
Endstand was formed early 1996 in a small town called Riihimki based in Southern parts of Finland - 60 kilometers away from Helsinki. The basic idea was to create something passionate and interesting to kill the boredom of our unemployed lives. after practicing for 6 months we did the first shows playing with our beloved friends from Sweden, Outlast. Ever since we've been playing constantly - Over ten European tours done, one tour in Japan and numerous shows in Finland have been a base for the strong following we have nowadays. We are a fine example of hard work paying off. Even when there has been only ten people attending our shows, we've given our everything to please them - and next time there has been three times more people.

Also several releases of different labels have been spreading the word of Endstand and finally on the last two recordings, Hit and Run 12"/CDEP and Burning Bridges we've accomplished the sound we've been driving for in studio, too. Still, the best stuff is still to be released.

Endstand has shared the stage with lots of great bands such as Sick Of It All, Refused, Battery, Strike Anywhere, Hope Conspiracy, Entombed, Nine, Catharsis, As Friends Rust, Terror, Tragedy, Section8, Converge, Most Precious Blood, Walls Of Jericho, Bane, Eighteen Visions, Ensign, Throwdown, Rotten Sound, Cult Of Luna, Cataract, Heaven Shall Burn, Comeback Kid, Buried Inside etc etc


- Fear of Future demo-cassette (1996)

- Tolerance 7" (Rising Justice Records 1997)

- Split 7" with Outlast (Grey Days/Bridge records 1997)

- S/T MCD (Impression Recordings 1998)

- Split MCD with Aurinkokerho (Halla 1999)

- To Whom It May Concern. CD (Impression Recordings 1999)

- Picture Disc 7" (Combat Rock Industry 2000)

- Fire Inside 10"/CD (Combat Rock Industry 2001)

- Split MCD with Kafka (No! Records / Fuxony 2002)

- Never Fall Into Silence LP/CD (Day After 2002)

- Hit And Run 12"/MCD (Combat Rock Industry 2003)

- Burning Bridges LP/CD (Day After 2004)

- The Time Is Now CD/LP (Lifeforce, LP on Combat Rock Industry 2006)

- Spark LP/CD (Combat Rock Industry 2007)

- 1996-2003, Heart, Passion, Sincerity and a chance to be heard 2xCD (Combat Rock Industry)

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