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What’s up people??? My name is E-DOT. I represent a collective of artists with the common goal of making music that does justice to our art. Thanks for coming through and checking things out. I am currently working on and promoting a new group HERO which consists of myself and long time partner Darp Malone. This is a whole new phase in our career, and we’re pleased to let you peep the future flav. Some of you know of my history, for those that don’t I’ll give you some of my accomplishments in point form, followed by the usual bio.

1997 Canadian tour with City Of Champs

1997 Classic Entertainment present EP (Mission Impossible)

1999 Industry Records 12” International Data Spitter ( The Chapter + E-DOT)

2002 International Tour with Mr. Complex, Non Phixion, E-DOT

2002 Thirsty EP

2003 Rock Steady

2004 12” Release on Uncle Howie Records (My ALLR U Up 2 It)

2005 12” Release on Uncle Howie Records (To Whom it may concernThe way I live)

2005 12” Release on Embedded Records (Not for Nothin’)

2005 Gone in 60 Seconds Soundtrack (R U Up 2 It)

2005 Tour of North East U.S with Non Phixion

2006 Tour with Ghost Face, Ill Bill, E-DOT

2006 Tingtryer Mix cd

2006 Re-release of Thirsty EP on Itunes

2008 HERO album

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Hailing from the great white north of Edmonton, Alberta is the newest addition to the Uncle Howie/Audio Research starting line-up, E-Dot. Traveling from his own backyard of Canada to destinations across the globe, E-Dot is taking his own unique brand of hip-hop music to the masses with more than just ridiculous rhyme skills and beats, but also with a key ingredient many of today's lyrical elite are lacking : SONGS! Having spent extended time recording and performing in not only Canada, but also In the US, E-Dot has vigorously developed powerful writing skills that are complimented by an aggressive, undeniable delivery. Listen for yourself to fully comprehend the talent of the musical powerhouse known as E-Dot. E-Dot's live show is an action-packed roller coaster ride that must be seen to be believed. He has performed at venues worldwide in places such as NYC, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Las Vegas, Atlanta, St. Louis, Miami, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Geneva and many more. E-Dot has shared the stage with a range of acts including The Wu Tang Clan, Non Phixion, Mr. Complex, Ice-T, The Pharcyde and Hieroglyphics. He has also had the opportunity to collaborate with various artists and producers based everywhere from the sunny shores of California to the ice-peaked mountains of Switzerland. In 1997, while residing in Toronto, E-Dot began collaborating with close friend and producer extraordinaire, Darp Malone. Through Classic Entertainment, the duo released the critically acclaimed 12" single, "Mission Impossible." The record immediately captivated listeners and received countless spins at radio stations across North America. E-Dot's determination and thirst to expand and evolve brought him to Las Vegas, where he teamed up with the famed producer Kool DJ EQ. The two hip-hop veterans in conjunction with Industry Records released the "International Data Spitter" 12" single featuring Las Vegas hip-hop band, The Chapter. E-Dot has also collaborated with Core Records with the release of his 2002 EP "Thirsty". In 2003, the Brooklyn NY-based Uncle Howie Records proudly joined forces with Thirsty Music to bring the next phase in the E-Dot saga. Dot graced the hip-hop world with the 12" single "R U Up 2 It" b/w "My All" which charted no. 1 on CMJ in the first week of 2004. Currently in the studio working on his much anticipated debut, E-Dot will finally release his full-length LP "He Shoots, He Scoooooores!" on Thirsty Music in mid-2009. Stay Tuned .

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