Ecstatic Peace

easthampton, Massachusetts, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Ecstatic Peace
ecstatic peace is a record label started in the early 80s by thurston moore of sonic youth. the first releases were a spoken word cassette by lydia lunch and michael gira (hard rock) and a live sound/noise collage by a young and romping sonic youth (sonic death). since then then the label has existed in wicked spurts whipping out vinyl, ferrous oxide tape and nefarious passing-phase digital media by a wild list of living music men and wimmen. whenever coin allowed slabs were slipped into the arcane bins of friendly-fire record rooms. all kindsa kuts! free jazz emanation via William Hooker! forest love haunts via Fursaxa! dual exhaust heartbeat via Dead Machines! pumped and piledriving juicebox via Pagoda! theres been over 100 different releases and therell be 100 more. we are now in league with satan (read: corporate rainbow) and promise to all: purifying action vision!
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