Dortmund, DE
Artist / Band / Musician
Minimalist / Electro / Industrial
Dark Vinyl, TreueUmTreue
The beginning in 1994 with songs that appeared mostly on the first vinyl album 'Signalisti' in 2000 coeval with the naming Echo West. Followed by some 7"s (also sideprojects Intensive Care Unit and the current Silent Signals), two fulltime albums on cd and many compilation contributions we are looking forward the forthcoming new album on the well known german independent label dark vinyl (since 2005) and the participation at the great WGT in june 2006. Followed by the spiritual KREUZE double 10" on tut/rur we step forward to some old/renewed/new soundscapes and worship the musick.

The soundscapes reach from cold-pop/minimal tracks up to industrial noise sometimes combined with guitare/bass elements and everything we claimed to be good for our ears and souls.

We Trust In Musick !


>>ECHO WEST Signalisti LP (MDP/ Weikersheim) >>

ECHO WEST Stars 7 (MDP/ Weikersheim) >>


>> ECHO WEST Das Drehmoment V.A. LP (Das Drehmoment/Berlin)

>> ECHO WEST Some Thought Us Dead CD (Cabinett Rec./Weikersheim)

>> ECHO WEST New Deutsch V.A. CD (Gigolo Rec./Munich)

>> SILENT SIGNALS Walk On The Ladder 7 (Invasion Planete/France)

>> SILENT SIGNALS Monstreux Et Magnifique V.A. LP (Invasion Planete/France)

>> ECHO WEST + SILENT SIGNALS Flammenzauber V.A. CD (Eternal Soul/Berlin)

>> ECHO WEST Bubble Boy V.A. 12 (We Rock Like Crazy/Ruhrgebiet)

>> ECHO WEST Audiophob V.A. DoCD (Audiophob/ Ruhrgebiet)

>> ECHO WEST Funkenflug CD-R (Via Dolorosa/Mannheim)

>> ECHO WEST Echoes Of The West CD (Dark Vinyl/Eckental)

>> ECHO WEST Filmwerk DoDvD (Steinklang/Austria)

>> TRANS-ACTIVE NIGHTZONE World of Disorder V.A. 12 (Disorder Rec/Berlin)

>> ECHO WEST Funkhaus Mix für ICH-Memory Mix (Das Drehmoment/Berlin)

>> SILENT SIGNALS Sacrifice Modern V.A. LP (Invasion Planete/France)

>> ECHO WEST Todesblei V.A. LP (TuT-RuR/Hamburg)

>> SILENT SIGNALS Das Drehmoment 3 Vol.2 V.A. LP (Das Drehmoment/Berlin)

>> ECHO WEST Electronic Renaissance V.A. LP (Enfant Terrible/Netherland)

>> ECHO WEST In Pop We Trust CD (Dark Vinyl/Eckental)

>> ECHO WEST Wierd Compilation 3LP+7" (Wierd/Brooklyn)

>> SILENT SIGNALS Wierd Compilation 3LP+7" (Wierd/Brooklyn)

>> ECHO WEST Kreuze Do10" (TreueUmTreue)

>> ECHO WEST Perils Of Paradise V.A. 12" (Elitepop/Netherland)

>> ECHO WEST Minimal Baby V.A. CD (Skull Line/Germany)

>> SILENT SIGNALS + MARTIAL CANTEREL Split-CD (Tarantulla/Belgium)

>> ECHO WEST Darkness Before Dawn Vol.1 V.A. DoCD (Indigo Upscene/Berlin)

>> ECHO WEST Minimal Baby 2 V.A. CD (Skull Line/Germany)

>> ECHO WEST/GENEVIEVE PASQUIERs - Perception (Le Cabaret Moi CD/Ant-Zen)
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