London, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Drum & Bass / Hip Hop
Strong Records
Yush , peace to everyone loggin on , those of you who know me and those of you who don't , i'm still busy as usual, doing shows internationally , representing the world of Drum & Bass / Hip Hop / Dubstep and breaks , and some other stuff in between , but thats always been my style , i like it all.
My new album "I don't like M.C's but you're alright/Styles Galore ! " will be released soon , exact date not yet determined , but be sure to be ready , its straight hip hop this time with all the styles and flavours u can expect from yours truly .

"World of Dynamite" my first album is still available (check it out on itunes store) for those who like the mix of hip hop/breaks and drum and bass .

"Big Man Talk" my hip hop mix cd is available for free !! look left for download link !!

Thanx for your support (if your giving it !) catch me on the road for the rest of the year playing all the way from Paris to Perth !!

So Peace , Love and Stay positive in the face of all that tests u.

Dynamite Mc
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