Dubioza Kolektiv

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Hip Hop / Reggae / Dub
Dubioza kolektiv is band from Bosnia founded in 2003 from members of Gluho doba against Def Age (Zenica) - Adisa Zvekic, Adis Zvekic, Almir Hasanbegovic - and Ornamenti (Sarajevo) - Brano Jakubovic and Vedran Mujagic. Latter, guitarist Armin Busatlic (ex- SCH, Beastly Stroke), a drummer Senad Suta and percussionist Orhan Oha Maslo joined Dubioza kolektiv.
Gramofon records released Dubioza's first self-titled album in April 2004. In December 2004, Dubioza kolektiv second CD is released: EP Open Wide containing tracks featuring dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Mush Khan from Pakistani-UK band Fun-da-mental.
In June 2006 Dubioza kolektiv released a new album on Gramofon record company. The album Dubnamite, containing ten new songs, has been recorded in 2005/2006. Guests on the album are Defence and a French artist Niköll (Nicolas Cante).
Album "Firma ilegal" was released in March 2008 in Bosnia and Herzegovina through record label Ekipa. "Firma ilegal" band's first album in Bosnian language. Guest artist on "Firma ilegal" album are Adnan Hamidovic a.k.a. Frenkie (track "Dosta") and Gino Banana from Kultur Shock (track "Stav").
Dubioza released the album "5 do 12" as a free download available from dubioza.org on 12th April 2010. Album contains 9 songs in Bosnian language and guest artists appearing on this record are Saša Lošić Loša (Plavi orkestar) and Macedonian band Superhiks. Menart records released CD/DVD "5 do 12" in May 2010. This release features 11 additional remixes made by Vuneny, Elemental, Sopot, Audio Infunktion, Balkantronika, Hein Teny, Diskobajagi, E-Base, Duško Šegvić and Al Lindrum.
2010 was also the year that award-winning (Golden Bear in 2006 for Grbavica) director Jasmila Zbanic's movie Na Putu (On the path) premiered on Berlins International Film-Festival Berlinale. The movie soundtrack was composed by Dubioza's DJ and Producer Brano Jakubovic, and Dubioza Kolektiv's song "Blam" opens the film.
The band performed at Sziget Festival, Hungary (2005/2006), Socha Reggae Riversplash Festival, Slovenia (2005), Exit Festival, Serbia (2005/2007/2009), Eurosonic Festival, Netherlands (2005), Topvar Rock Festival, Slovakia (2005/2006), Barevná planeta festival, Czech Republic (2005), Rototom Festival, Italy (2006), Colors of Ostrava Festival, Czech Republic (2006/2007), Fete de l'Humanite, France (2006), Balkan Trafik Festival, Belgium (2007), Real Beat Festival, Czech Republic (2007), Couleur Cafe Festival, Belgium (2007), Taksirat, Macedonia (2007), Beer Fest Belgrade, Serbia (2008), Bruis Festival, Netherlands (2008), Viva la Pola Festival, Croatia (2008/2009), Dirty Old Festival, Croatia (2009), Križanke Urban Fest, Slovenia (2009), Njoki Summer Festival, Slovenia (2009), Rockoupani Festival, Czech Republic (2009), Pivolend festival, Macedonia (2009), Pradeda fest, Czech Republic (2010), Špancir Fest, Croatia (2010), Trutnov Open Air Festival, Czech Republic (2010), De Wisselfeesten, Belgium (2010), Karlsoy Festival, Norway (2010), Inne Brzmienia Festival, Poland (2010), Pohoda Festival, Slovaka (2010), T-Mobile INmusic festival, Croatia (2010), Hartera, Croatia (2010) and numerous festival and club gigs in Bosnia, Slovenia and Croatia.
Live act consists of 8 people: 2 vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussions, keys/sampler and sound technician, performing a fusion of dub, reggae, hard core and Bosnian ethno sounds.
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