Gerri Jäger

Noord-Holland, Ne
Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / Experimental / Thrash
PAO, Trustmusic, OTR-Productions
my hobbies are garlic powder snow talking to strangers naturesexIwish talking nonsens media philosophy gumba helge and post modern art I play the drums in the Bands Knalpot Eke Naked Wolf Opositor and Whale Oil playing and improvising music I do since I am 8 with 11 I started playing gigs in the local brass band Musikkapelle Oetz in Tyrol as a result I joined hardcore band State Of Mind we almost toured Poland with 17 I've been lead guitarist in the local Black Metal Band Host Of Darkness loud and soon I figured that music is good for me the musicians and the audience study of music followed doing all kinds of different stuff with different groups projects and people from dixie to arty hippie and hip festivals podcasts on radio and TV yes yes and touring around
I like to play in steady groups nevertheless next to my band mates it was a big pleasure performing with Rudi Mahall Florian Bramböck Mark Morse Ayankoko Xavier Lopez Jozef Dumoulin Franz Hauzinger Wolter Wierbos Tobias Klein Hilary Jeffery Han Bennink Ab Baars Achim Kaufmann Soo-Jung Kae Ingebrigt Haker Flaten Samuel Blaser Colin Stetson Shazad Ismaily Andreas Tentschert Terrie Ex Simon Ennemoser Chris Moser Christoph Pepe Auer Walter Singer Alejandro Arrate Marc Ducret Peter Huber Hannes Riepler Pepi Unterberger Tyler Wood Andrew Bergman Frank Möbus Darko Stanojkovski ao email gerrijaeger at gmail dot com
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