Dragon Fli Empire - Train of Thought - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 11, 2014
FREE DOWNLOAD: http://makebelievehiphop.bandcamp.com/album/mission-statement
Official video for "Train of Thought", from Dragon Fli Empire's new album "Mission Statement". Album also available on iTunes.

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Filmed by DFE during the "Mission Statement European Tour" in February 2014.
Additional footage by DJ Suspect, DJ Stinoe, Petra, Karlis & others.
Edited by Teekay

Peace to our homies in Paris, Poitiers, Strasbourg, Chambéry, Lyon, Brussels, Kassel, Cologne and Berlin!

Beat: AJV of Double Agent Media (https://soundcloud.com/double-agent-media)
Cuts: DJ Cosm
Rhymes: Teekay


So where I'm at now and where I wanna be headed
On that Grade A level, focused never beheaded
By the guillotine life forces yeah pesky annoyances
Detonate the mess yo... Rolling snake eyes... facing off with Destro
From the rocky west bro, past 200k in the ride...
Only an '05... just to rock it live for your tribe, for your people
All original, no sequel...
One lifespan, it ain't a part 2 and it's hard to tell who's in, who's out
But yeah we got you: Backup... but back down,
They really gotta go, bitter frowns
Shady, shallow striking for attack... still the big brain black
New frame, worldwide On them DeutscheBahn trains
Cruise control the Autobahn...
Loungin' on this front lawn, fly jawn player...
If they call simplicity, they only gotta peel layers
Meanings, yes they multiply, subtract the dissin' kid
Adding up the accolades, dividing up the dividends...
And it never ends

Illuminate the masses with a touch of a pen
And illuminate your spirit with the honesty within
That big goofy grin where the feeling all begins
Take it back while upward moving and the head-nod proves you're grooving
To the sound that's so soothing it's that almost kind of moving
Like Academy Award style, the sounds we compile in your mp3 files
Don't be shy, the volume dial: turned up to the maximum...
This is just the facts and I'm one who can relax but I'm...
Finding balance that's what I'm sayin cuz it's premium
The feeling that I'm leaning on
Need some elbow grease, so I'm talking work release so um, the people can increase
Their quota allocated happiness, the reason I'm attacking this
Beat with flows so accurate, unlocked from upper cabinets
See the dream? I'm grabbing it
So you better keep your tabs on it
Feel the Reign Man.... hooked on SuperPhonics
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