Dragon Fli Empire - Supreme - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 19, 2014
DOWNLOAD: http://makebelievehiphop.bandcamp.com/album/mission-statement-deluxe-edition
This video has been assisted by the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, its arts funding agency.

Official video for "Supreme", from Dragon Fli Empire's album "Mission Statement". Album also available on iTunes.

DFE Official website: http://www.dragonfliempire.com
DFE Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dragonfliempire
DFE Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dragonfliempire
DFE Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dragonfliempire
Makebelieve Records: http://www.makebelieverecords.com

Filmed by LK Visuals (http://www.lkvisuals.com/)
Production: DJ Cosm & Metawon
Rhymes: Teekay

Okay, still chillin' on that same stoop
No corvette, drop-down coupe, oops, my bad,
guess it's garbage, GLAD bag.
Call me Mr. Clean with my basement means...
I mean business, so 'what it is' son?
You decide. I decided not to run...
(from what?)
Hang-gliding, see me? Yeah I'm riding,
Dwelling in the clouds Of thought,
Precipitation dropped to umbrellas of the sleepers,
Beepers for them creepers,
I stay Sam Beckett, Quantum Leaper,
Peacekeeper for funk in your trunk,
Yeah that's DFE... Puttin' bunk to bed,
Groove is in the heart... dee-lite-ful kaleidoscope
...moving with the art... insightful the horoscope
Don't like flight?
That's tears in your cereal bowls... Cheerio...
Bon voyage, Here-we-go!

They wanna know
They wanna know what's goin on?
They want a song
Shocked by what I bring along
You wanted calm?
Uh uh, you know we dropping bombs

You wanna know
You wanna know what's goin on?
You want a song
I gotta keep it flowin' on...

Caught between deep-ends... mixed with the shallow side
Struggling to de-pend... that voice inside...
got locked out... Banging on the door
Got a little bit, gotta get a little more for
sparks on the cords... So watch your poor motherboard
frayed wire dreams mean another brother bored
gamin' snakes and ladders, for these arrogant snobs
I mean 'penthouse elevator'? nope, doorknob to the fire escape, ha
caught in the paperchase
vision glasses break... I re-place
laser-gun son, reconstruct never run from
love for the now for the moment that i'm in
even though I got this hand grenade and cause when i pull the pin yo it's
love for the battle that i hope i'm gonna win
you know i'm goin' in, but webs are gonna spin
So i Sting like a bee and float on dragon fly wings
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