Dragon Fli Empire - Superhero - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 19, 2015
DOWNLOAD LINK: https://makebelievehiphop.bandcamp.com/album/mission-statement-deluxe-edition
Official video for "Superhero", from Dragon Fli Empire's new album "Mission Statement". Album also available on iTunes.

Video produced by ITOKOIMAGES.COM
Production: Barkode
Lyrics: Teekay
Cuts: DJ Cosm

Official website: http://www.dragonfliempire.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dragonfliempire
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dragonfliempire


Our hero must respond to a call for help
'Cause he's all about the others never in it for self
And never in it for wealth, 'cause he's probably got that
The super villain quota means he's ready to drop that
All for the populous who probably despise
Believing all the hype taken in by the lies
Never mind it's time for the showdown
Maybe with the killer rat, maybe with the killer clown
Found his weakness hard to speak
It ain't looking good for our misunderstood complex character
Life on the line for America
Backed in the corner and there's no escaping
But then the inner soul force awakens
Weak and shaking reduced to feeble
Last ounce of strength just to stop the evil
Bringing freedom to the people y'all


Our zero must respond to a call for help
'Cause he's living in a fantasy all by himself
Not in it for wealth but maybe some fame
Ay-yo he treats reality just like a video game or Hollywood production
With no instruction
Figure that he's helping when it's only obstruction
Costume outfitted no super power counting like seconds minutes hours til he's pushing up the flowers
Sprayed by bullet showers while he's watching from the towers
Or maybe something basic getting clocked in the head
Going-going gone! Nah, going-going dead
Stabbed kicked bled aggravating cops and Feds
No kick ass ending my dude you just pretending
'But what about the flat top fighter Phoenix jones?
Patrolling rain city, ready to defend?'
We'll have to wait and see how the story's gonna end.

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