Dragon Fli Empire - All Wrong - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 28, 2014
DOWNLOAD: https://makebelievehiphop.bandcamp.com/album/mission-statement-deluxe-edition
This video has been assisted by the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts, its arts funding agency.

Official video for "All Wrong", from Dragon Fli Empire's album "Mission Statement". Album also available on iTunes.

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Filmed by LK Visuals (http://www.lkvisuals.com/)
Production: DJ Cosm
Rhymes: Teekay


Verse One:
A sky full of clouds getting pierced by a ray of sunshine,
Suddenly just causes him to change his mind, and change the plan
See the things he was going through, most folks couldn’t understand
Upset about the past he couldn’t change
Paranoid about the people looking at him strange
Feeling he’d be better just to live without the pain
Cold steel, bullet to the brain
Months before? Young, ignorant and vain,
Saturday night came, a beast he couldn’t tame
Overflowing knowing he can break the rules again,
It’s just a game… Then the frame of that SUV, going 103 in a 50 zone
On the way back home, collapses, smashes,
Airbag blown right up in his face,
Body rocked by the impact
One moment, three families re-live that,
One night that he can never take back
A nightmare, he just wants to run away
But something about the sun ray makes him put the gun away

Verse Two:
A sky full of clouds getting pierced by a ray of sunshine,
Suddenly just causes her to change her mind, and change the plan
See the things she was going through most folks yeah they couldn’t understand
If only they could, a whole entire life of hearing that you’re no good
Abused and disrespected, yeah of course she’s misdirected,
Self-esteem affected, seeking love and then rejected
In the hands of controlling deviants
No sense of self yeah she’s never leaving it
Excuses, excuses… nobody’s buying it, the truth is there, but she’s denying it
The cycles of violence, just staying so silent
Rather than applying it, she should know better, hopes for a change, but it gets no better
So from seeking inner peace, to just seeking out a ‘piece’
For ultimate release, for the pain and the grief
Scars on the outside, and on the inner, feels no way in life she’ll ever be a winner
Flashbacks to lost potential, anchored to the ground
Heart beats rapidly, sweat dripping down
Finger on the trigger, so she can try and run away
But something about that sun’s ray makes her put the gun away

I ain’t here to say everything is all right
Spot on, if you’re saying that it’s all wrong
But as long as you’re alive you know that you can fight
You got one life and then it’s all gone (x2)
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