Antwerpen, Antwerp, BE
Artist / Band / Musician
Hard House / Techno
Bangers, Dirty Workz, RMania, Hardloop, ...

Tim De Poorter was bitten by the music virus when he was little. It fascinated him.He wanted to follow music lessons what so ever! But after 2 months it became obvious to him that this wasn't his way. Tim was working together with his friend Guarana as Tek Soldierz, but after a period of fun and coorporation they decided to stop working together. And focus on a carier as solo artist.

After the split of Tek Soldierz, Tim started to work with his good friend, Dj Ghost.

So now he will be doing al his work for the famous record label GSII.

Please keep your eye on him, because he's going to make it on his own.

Do not hesitate to book him at one of your parties.

For bookings & info:




Club Clover (ESP)

Le Tremplin (FR)

Outland (NL)

The Matrixx (NL)

Zalinaz (NL)

Cherry Moon



The Oh!




La Bush




Bass Leader

Hard Bass


Love Parade

Nature One




DP - Machine A Laver

A1. Vidange (Original)

A2. Vidange (Bestien Rmx)

B1. Essorage

B2. Ghettoblaster (ft. Demoniak)

Label: GSII

iTraxx & DP - The States

A1. iTraxx & DP - The states (Original Mix)

A2. iTraxx & DP - The way you (Original Mix)

B1. iTraxx & DP - The states (E-max Rmx)

B2. iTraxx & DP - The states (Demoniak Rmx)

Label: GSII


Jenny vs Tina - Plastic Man's G String EP

A1. Jenny vs. Tina Meets DJ Gave - Funky Bitch (Original Mix)

A2.Jenny vs. Tina Meets DJ Gave- Funky Bitch (Qatja S Rmx)

B1.Jenny vs. Tina - Wicked Plastic Man (Original Mix)

B2.Jenny vs. Tina - Wicked Plastic Man (Mr. Noba & E-Max Rmx)

Label: Filthy Music

GT Werk - Pussy Werk EP

A1. GT Werk - Pussy Werk

B1. GT Werk - Salsa Beat

B2. Sly - Censure (GT Werk Remix)

Label: Hardloop

E-Max & DP ft Gave - All U Ho'z EP

A1. E-Max & DP ft Gave - All U Ho'z

A2. E-Max & DP ft Gave - Shake

B1. E-Max & DP ft Gave - Jump!

B2. E-Max & DP ft Gave - Pump This Ass

Label: E-Traxx

The Nasty Trio - Hype My Dick

A1. The Nasty Trio - Hype My Dick

B1. DP Meets Fenix - Bass Sounds Hot (Original)

B2. DP Meets Fenix - Etnik

Label: Dirty Workz

E-Max & DP ft The Playboyz - The Meeting EP

A1. E-Max & DP ft The Playboyz - Joke It (1st Edit)

A2. E-Max & DP ft The Playboyz - Joke It (2nd Edit)

B1. E-Max & DP ft The Playboyz - Gangsta Shit

B2. E-Max & DP ft The Playboyz - Bounce!

Label: Bangers Records

Masters Of Decency Meets Xander Coiffeur - Flipped

A1. Flipped (Chicago Zone Rmx)

A2. Flipped (Original Mix)

B1. Hot Damn (Original Mix)

B2. Hot Damn (DP & Gave Rmx)

Label: R-Mania

Tek Soldiers - Wild Style

A1. Tek Soldiers - Wild Style

B1. Tek Soldiers - Wild Style (Dj Tronic Remix)

Label: Resistance Recordings

Tek Soldierz - The Bitch Fight EP

A1. Tek Soldierz - Latino Bitch (Original Bitch Mix)

A2. Tek Soldierz - Latino Bitch (The Playboyz Dirty Bitch Mix)

B1. Tek Soldierz vs Project Jupiter - Break Down

B2. Tek Soldierz - Drop That

Label: Jumper Records

The Playboyz / Tek Soldiers - Visit From God

A1. The Playboyz - Visit From God (Original Mix)

A2. The Playboyz - Visit From God (Dj Stone Mix)

B1. Tek Soldiers - Duckz Army (Vaag Style Edit)

B2. Tek Soldiers - Duckz Army (Josh And Wesz ft Glowiej Remix)

Label: Bunny Records

Tek Soldierz - Work This

A1. Tek Soldierz - Work This (Original Mix)

B1. Tek Soldierz - Work This (DJ Massiv vs. The Rebel Remix)

B2. Tek Soldierz - Work This (The Playboyz Remix)

Label: Jumper Records

Tommy D vs DP - Dreaming

A1. TOMMY D vs DP - Dreaming

A2. DJ W4CKO Ft XAIA - Racing Fear

B1. Tommy D - Complicity

B2. DJ W4CKO - Destination Unknown

B3. DJ W4CKO - Feel My Emotion

Label: Tuning Sounds Records

G.O. Metrik - who's Jumpin'

A1. G.O. Metrik - Protect

A2. G.O. Metrik - Chaos Theory

B1. G.O. Metrik - Who's Jumpin'

B2. G.O. Metrik - Tell The Time

Label: Tomato Records


Coone - My Dirty Workz

Coone - Say It Again (DP & Gave Rmx)

Label: Dirty Workz

Poogie Bear & Mark V - Funkier (The Remixes)

A1. Poogie Bear & Mark V - Funkier (2008 Mix)

A2. Poogie Bear & Mark V - Funkier (Original Remasterd)

B1. Poogie Bear & Mark V - Funkier (DP & Gave Rmx)

B2. Poogie Bear & Mark V- Funkier (Dany BPM Rmx)

Label: Resistance Recordings

Jig & Saw - Damn Tough / Wicked Game

A1. Jig & Saw - Damn Tough (Original Mix)

A2. Jig & Saw - Damn Tough (Playboyz Remix)

B1. Jig & Saw - Wicked Game (Original Mix)

B2. Jig & Saw - Wicked Game (Tek Soldierz Rmx)

Label: Bangers Records

Dj Pat B - R&B Sux

A1. Pat B - R&B Sux (Tek Soldierz vs. Project Jupiter Bling Bling Mix)

A2. Pat B - The Solution

B1. Pat B - R&B Sux (Original Mix)

B2. Pat B - R&B Sux (DJ Pat B's Bootleg Edit)

Label: Explosive Records

EqMndz - Max-I-Mum L.u.v

A1. EqMndz - Max-I-Mum L.u.v. (Equal Mindz Original Mix)

A2. EqMndz - Max-I-Mum L.u.v. (Tek Soldierz Extra Love Mixxx)

B1. EqMndz - Let Us Control (Equal Mindz Original Mix)

B2. EqMndz - Max-I-Mum L.u.v. (The Playboyz Hate Mix)

Label: Jumper Records

Steve Dexter Meets Poltertec - 1995

A1. Steve Dexter Meets Poltertec - 1995 (Original Mix)

A2. Steve Dexter Meets Poltertec - 1995 (DP's Nice Lil Ass Remix)

B1. Steve Dexter Meets Poltertec - 1995 (Delta vs Dex Remix)

Label: Jumper Records
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