Doug Scharin

San Marcos, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Dub / Live Electronics
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The latest HiM record entitled ? is out in Japan on Afterhours and in Europe on HipHipHip/ Ankama music.
? is a 48 minute collection recorded and mixed in Tokyo and in California
the core group of Doug Scharin, Josh Larue, Takuma Nonaka, Shimpei Okaya, and Yuji Takahashi recorded the basic tracks with contributions from many good friends. Ikuko Harada once again joined us, singing on 'Creode', with words written by Tetsushi Nonaka and 'Clues To The Roots'.
Rinko Kikuchi makes her vocal debut on 'Other Echos (Touch)' as well as on 'The Hidden Persuader'. Tonchi adds her vocal talents to the alluring 'Hola'
our good friend Kazuya Kotani played conga, bongo and steel pan.
Devin Ocampo recorded the horns that Mark Cisneros of Played Tomorrow tracked for us on 2 songs. Devin also played some amazing guitar on 'Makossa for Masako'.
we also received a great trumpet track from Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson of Kira Kira, MuM.


Activities of Dust- A New Mind is the new release from Doug Scharin, Jeff Parker, Bill Laswell and Bernie Worrell.
"Activities of Dust - A New Mind is the result of hours of recorded feedback that had been collected from various mixing sessions over the past decade.

Within are compositions, possibility waves, constructed, originally, from manipulation of these feedback signals.

The initial impressions from Jeff Parker were then added to the recordings. Parker interpreted, reacted to and in some cases painted a definitive picture of latent melodies within the feedback structures.

Combining and blending these two elements created a basic form for the introduction of keyboard, bass and drum elements to enhance the movements taking shape in the music.

The initial mixes were done analog, in single, first takes with an emphasis on the random nature of the project. Bill Laswell and Bernie Worrell fleshed out the tracks."

The CD comes with a DVD containing the full video for Return to the Original Matrix produced by Doug Scharin!

And for vinyl lovers, a vinyl LP version is also out including a download card for the entire album in MP3.
AdLuna Records designed the CD/DVD and is releasing the record in Europe.
A New Mind is self-released here in the U.S. on AoD records.
The CD/DVD and vinyl lp is available in Japan through AFTERHOURS.

HiM Releases:

Egg (CD) Southern Records 1995

Chill And Peel (12") Southern Records 1996

Changes / The Focus (12") Soul Static Sound 1997

HiM/Dylan Group split BubblecoreRecords 1997

Interpretive Belief System (CD, Album) WordSound 1997

Sworn Eyes (2xLP) Bubble Core Records 1999
Sworn Eyes (CD, Album) Perishable Records 1999

5/6 In Dub (12") AfterHours 2000
5/6 In Dub (CD, EP) AfterHours 2000

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Remix Series 1: Japan (12") AfterHours 2002

Lila (12", S/Sided, Etch) Galaxia 2003
Lila (CD, EP) Galaxia 2003

Many In High Places Are Not Well (CD) Bubble Core Records, Fatcat Records 2003
Many In High Places Are Not Well (LP) Fatcat Records 2003

Nantes(live) Afterhours 2004

Peoples (CD) Bubblecore Records 2005

1110 (CD) Afterhours 2008

? (CD) Afterhours 2009 / HipHipHip (2010)

12"-'Clues To The Roots'/ 'Abstract Ladder'- remixed by Rob Smith of Smith and Mighty (includes original tracks) Angels egg/ Afterhours (2009)

Beacon Remixed (CD) Cosmic String (String). Whirlybird Records 1998

Re-Interpreted (CD) Sandcastles (Mix by Him) Bubble Core Records 1998

Valis II - Everything Must Go (2xCD, Comp) Twirling Ion 1997

Bass Invaders (2xLP) Saillin' On WordSound 1998

Appears On:
Bass Invaders (CD) Sallin' On WordSound 1998

Collaborations (LP/CD) The Fall From Andalucia AfterHours 2000

Tracks Appear On:
Perishable Records Sampler Volume 1 (CD, Promo, Smplr) A Verdict Of Science Perishable Records 1999

Crooklyn Dub Consortium - Certified Dope Vol. 1 (CD) Chemical Mix WordSound 1995

Crooklyn Dub Consortium. Certified Dope, vol. 2 (CD) Tradition WordSound 1996

Macro Dub Infection Volume 2 (2xCD, Comp) Liquid Boy Virgin 1996
Macro Dub Infection Volume 2 (2xCD) Liquid Boy Gyroscope 1996

Shake The Nations (2xCD) Science Of X (Weird Science) WordSound 1997

Valis II - Everything Must Go (2xCD, Comp) Twirling Ion 1997

Reanimator - Black Market Science (CD) Science Of X Ion 1998

Music For Listening To (CD) Eugene Trees Bubble Core Records 1999

Mind The Gap Volume 30 (CD) Trace Elements Gonzo Circus 2000

The Wire Tapper 6 (2xCD, Dig) Untitled, Live At The Empty Bottle, Chicago (7:30)
Recorded By - Malachi Ritscher Wire Magazine 2000

Mind The Gap Volume 34 (CD) Arrival Gonzo Circus 2001

Branches And Routes - A FatCat Records Compilation (2xCD) Slow Slow Slow FatCat Records 2003

15/15: Collaborations Of Sound And Visuals (CD) Hot Planes Advancing /cool planes receding After Hours 2004

Afterhours 20: Anniversary Special (Summer 2004) (2xCD + CD, Enh) Tokyo Nightlife After Hours 2004

Crooklyn Dub Outernational - Certified Dope Vol. 4: Babylon's Burning (CD) Disco Lips WordSound 2004

Music For Plants (2xCD) Moss Garden PerfectIfOn 2005

Crooklyn Dub Consortium - Certified Dope, Volumes 1 & 2 (2xCD) Chemical Mix, Tradition WordSound 2006

Sprout (the soundtrack for the surf movie by Thomas Campbell) Of The Periphery Brushfire records 2005

Tom (7", Blu) Sub Pop Records (Germany) 1993

Working Holiday (March) (7") Simple Machines Records 1993

The White Birch (CD, Album) Sub Pop Records (Germany) 1994


Curtis Harvey, Doug Scharin, Julie Liu, Phil Spirito


Rex (LP, Album) Southern Records 1995

C (CD, Album) Southern Records 1996

Waltz (CD, EP) Southern Records 1996

Leak Through/Pour Down 7" Bubblecore Records 1997

Rex / 3 Southern records 1998

Rex / Songs: Ohia (7") Temporary Residence Limited 1999

Tracks Appear On:
Music For Listening To (CD) Leak Through, Pour Down Bubble Core Records 1999

Doug Scharin, Fred Erskine, Jeff Mueller, Sean Meadows

Engine Takes To The Water Quarterstick Records 1995

Tropics And Meridians (CD) Quarterstick Records 1996

The Anatomy Of Sharks (CD, EP) Quarterstick Records 1997

Four Great Points (CD, Album) Quarterstick Records 1998

Southeast Of Boston (7") BCore Disc 1998

Anahata (CD, Album) Quarterstick Records 1999

In The Fishtank (12") In The Fishtank/KonKurrent 1999

Appears On:
Willenbrock - Original Soundtrack (CD) Doomsday Normal, Indigo (2) 2005

Tracks Appear On:

Green (7") 1000 Paper Cranes Magic Eye Singles 1996

The Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation Compact Disc (CD) Rivers & Plains Touch And Go 1996

1999 -Touch And Go / Quarterstick Records Sampler (CD, Promo, Smplr) Cardiac Atlas Touch And Go Records 1999

On The Cam (CD) Cardiac Atlas Touch And Go 1999

You Cannot Hold DIY - It Is An Adjective (CD) Modern Hereditary Dance Steps Ouzel Records 2001

Presents Indie Rock Blues (CD, Promo) Doomsday (Remix) Arbeid Records 2005

Willenbrock - Original Soundtrack (CD) Doomsday Normal, Indigo (2) 2005

Presents Indie Rock Blues (LP, Ltd) Doomsday (Remix) Twentyfour:Seven Records 2006


Echoes (12") Soul Static Sound 1996

Directions In Music Thrill Jockey 1996

Tracks Appear On: Water & Architecture (CD) Encode Sub Rosa 1998

Rhythm Science: Excerpts And Allegories From The Sub Rosa Archives (CD) Encode Sub Rosa 2004

Plum (10x7", Ltd + Box) Toy Boat Thrill Jockey 2007

Super Epic Thrill Jockey Mega Massive Anniversary Mix (CD, Ltd) (Untitled) 4 Thrill Jockey 2007

Doug Scharin, Joe Goldring

Out Of Worship SubRosa 1997

Out In Worship Sterilized Perishable Records 1998

Tracks Appear On:

Musikexpress 14 - EFA (CD) Incubate A Sausage

Musikexpress Underwood 3 (CD) Reprise Sub Rosa 1998

Perishable Records Sampler Volume 1 (CD, Promo, Smplr) Jam Jam Superstar Perishable Records

Ben Massarella, Brian Deck, Bundy K. Brown, Curtis Harvey, Doug Scharin, Phil Spirito, Tim Hurley, Tim Rutili


Loftus Perishable Records 1999

Tracks Appear On:
Perishable Records Sampler Volume 1 (CD, Promo, Smplr) Bell And Hammer Perishable Records

Chuck Treece, Doug Scharin, Matt Rodriguez, Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero

Blktop Project Galaxia 2005

Yeti One Galileo Yeti Publishing LLC 2000

Collaborations The Fall From Andalucia Afterhours/Bubblecore 2000

All Roads Lead To Salzburg Bubblecore Records 2002

Obrigado Saudade Out Of The Freedom World Bubble Core Records2003

Bem-Vinda Vontade Nights Wave FatCat Records 2005

Nights Wave EP Bubblecore Records 2005

Mice Parade Satchelaise, Sneaky Red FatCat Records 2007
Mice Parade What it means to be Left Handed
DOUG SCHARIN appears on:

Captain On Board Producer Perishable Records 2000

Orso - My Dreams Are Back And They Are Better Than Ever drums/producer Perishable Records 2004

Run_Return-Metro North drums/recording n5MD 2005

Ray Barbee - - In Full View drums Galaxia Records 2005

Shindo - Unbound 'Free' drums/mix Afterhours 2006
Activities OF Dust - A New Mind AoD/AdLuna/Afterhours 2008
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