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Aquarian Nation.
Dorie Jackson grew up around music, with father David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator) she found her true talent with her voice from an early age. She began her professional singing career as a backing vocalist for Francis Dunnery (It Bites) and their first gig together was at the Cropredy Festival in the UK back in 2001. Forming a firm friendship, she was asked to do subsequent tours to date and Francis introduced Dorie to many great musicians and writers.
Francis was producing Chris Difford's (Squeeze) first solo record 'I Didn't Get Where I Am' and he brought Dorie in to do backing vocals. Dorie, Chris and Francis worked well together and went on tour as an acoustic trio to support Elvis Costello, Jools Holland and Chris Rea. Dorie still sings with Chris, has been featured on album 'South East Side Story' and recently sung on new solo album 'The Last Temptation Of Chris'. She has toured and still continues to tour the UK and US with his band in its various forms.
Francis also introduced Dorie to John and Wayne (Aquarian Nation) and she sung on their debut record 'Nearly Killed Keith.' Following this, John, Wayne and Dorie went on to tour support Paul Young, Belinda Carlisle, Homespun, Vonda Shepperd, Rita Coolidge and Marti Pellow. She has also just recorded backing vocals for their new album coming out later this year.
Dorie has worked with other great artists including William Topley (The Blessing) they have toured acoustically with guitarist Luke Brighty supporting Mark Knopfler, and recently over in the west coast of the US where they recorded an acoustic album 'Los Ciganos del Mar'. She also sings on William's albums, 'Sea Fever' and 'All in the Downs'.
Over the last six years, Dorie and Francis have been writing together. They finally sat down and started recording three years ago and their combined efforts resulted in Dorie's debut solo album 'The Courting Ground'. The record is on label Aquarian Nation, it is also available on itunes, amazon and e music. The album has begun it's journey of being heard and so far fans are saying.
"an exquisite piece of work from the first to the last note"
". while the style of the songs is somewhat confessional, in the good sense, the images Dorie conjures up are so incredibly crisp and clear that the album really gives the impression of getting to know her personally"
"I find it hard to believe that this should be Dories first major opus, it all sounds so gifted and professionally profound."

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