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Maybe you remember my endeavors into the FUNK with my release FUNK CITY on DEF JAM records, or my feature on the classic Prince Paul cd "A Prince Among Thieves" where I covered the classic "Mood For Love". Some only know my voice, which resides in the collective subconscious of the hip-hop community of the world due to my infamous voice-overs on legendary hip hop albums such as De La Soul's Three Feet High and Rising and 3rd Bass's "The Gas Face". Maybe you found Me through My production company SMOKIN HEADZ.through which I've produced joints for- THE BLACK FLAMES, ALYSON WILLIAMS, CARON WHEELER, KEON BRYCE. My extensive backround in hip hop/music has awarded me with TONS of experience in production, engineering, etcUnfortunately the "industry" only looks at charts to judge someones worth, when my true worth comes from years of hands on experience and feel !!! So if you need that soul, that funk, that feel good !! I'm your man !!

My affiliation with best friend -n- legendary hip hop producer Prince Paul and our production company THE LORD BROS has been responsible for the projects "Bigger and Blacker" and "I Aint Never Scared" (Chris Rock), music for the movie "POOTIE TANG", several commercials and the score for the SHOWTIME independent film "THE BEST THIEF IN THE WORLD" .AND WE ARE CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION WITH LEGENDARY KEYBOARDIST BERNIE WORREL!!

Maybe you saw me on one of my peoples profiles, shout outs to

DIAMOND DOLLARS, NYCE, FUNKTIONAL PRODUCTIONS, BERNIE WORELL, KEON BRYCE, HOGAN and soooo many more. Maybe you found me by accident or are a beloved friend or family member. However you found Me, I wish you peace and Love.

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