EP 4.11: L7's Donita Sparks talks legacy, power of social media and their documentary [#fhtz] - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 14, 2016
“I don’t think that [today] we would sign to a major and I don’t think that a major would want us. […] However, back then, if you got on a major label you could get on MTV, and you could get into mainstream press. And that was always very important to me, because I feel that infiltrating the masses is actually very subversive.” - Donita Sparks, L7

The legendary Donita Sparks of the iconic L7 elaborates on the difference between being an artist today compared to the 80s and 90s, how the old generation of L7 fans kept the spirit of the band alive during their hiatus, how Facebook engagement gave way to bringing L7 back onto stages across the globe, when the band’s long-awaited documentary might see the light of day, and more.

Produced by Simon Kurt & Sebastiano Mereu for Digitale Massarbeit & Digital Fanfare
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