Bishop Donald Hilliard II

Artist / Band / Musician
My inner most prayer for you is that the grace and mercy of God cover you with fresh oil as you scroll through our blogs, check out our pictures and read the comments that my friends in "space" have left. As you can tell, I am excited about what God is doing through this MySpace page! Lives are being changed, yokes are being broken, and the hearts and minds of God's people are being transformed to the Glory of God!

To the Glory of God, let the power of the Holy Spirit through whom we serve empower and equip you to communicate to others the hope we have in our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to help you find your destiny. It is my desire to help you tap into your greatest potential in Christ Jesus, and help you rest in the favor God has already given you to overcome life’s pressure situations. I decree and declare that you are the head and not the tail. You shall live and not die. By the power of God you will persevere through the struggles of life because you already have the victory in Jesus Christ!

I pray that this MySpace page will serve you well as a reflection of God’s Glory. I am so excited over what God has for you! I bless you, your children, and those who follow you. God has a special purpose for your life. So let the oil flow. Walk on water. Believe God in the midst of your Storm. God is still a way-maker! I speak divine favor and purpose into your marriage, the power and presence of the Holy Spirit into your ministry, and the overflow of God’s favor into your mission in Jesus Christ.

I am praying for you. We are praying for you. Live well and live long. Prosper to the Glory of God. And remember, no matter what it is it does not change who God is. God is still God. So rejoice because your better days are yet to come.

We appreciate your prayers and your love. Drink deeply, until you thirst no more.

Bishop Donald Hilliard II

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