Florida, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rock / House
“I remember watching - YO MTV Raps! and seeing the Dj switch from song to song and do some scratching and it just blew me away” recalls Walgee. “I was fascinated by the way he was so in tuned with both the music and the crowd… I needed more.”

And so began his journey to becoming the DJ he is today.

Working as a dishwasher, Walgee managed to save up some money and purchase his first set of turntables, a few records and a small set of speakers. Once he had the tools he then needed to know how to use them. Day in and day out he practiced and practiced aiming to be nothing less than the greatest. A few months later Walgee was offered a gig at a local church community event. He surprised everyone, including himself with a stellar performance. That day in the church basement both he and his turntables had been baptized.

From there Walgee went off to attend college in search of a real career, only to find out his true calling would in fact be DJ’ing. During those 4 years at college he was able to mix with many other cultures introducing him to many other genres of music. He began building his music collection gathering any new hot song he could. He also managed to open for other well known DJ’s such as DJ Clue, Kid Capri, Dj Chubby Chubb, Dj Evil Dee and many others. While doing this he was able to study the way they worked the mistakes they made and the techniques they used.

Walgee finished college attaining his BA in Psychology / Legal Studies and a minor in Criminal Justice.

In 2000 he decided it was do or die. So he packed up 2 crate full’s of records and a plane ticket to Portugal. Incredibly he managed to link up with a childhood friend who had a friend in the nightclub business. So with little time to spare Walgee had officially grabbed his first overseas gig. After that one show word spread like wildfire about this new DJ from America who did such a great job.

Linking with a promoter he managed to set up another big show this time in Germany. Once again the word spread about this unknown traveling DJ. These shows lead to numerous shows across Europe and eventually even out to Africa.

He soon would link up with a huge promoter in Florida and like everyone he had dealt with prior, he believed in Walgee and helped him DJ the biggest parties in the biggest clubs on the biggest nights. This would allow Walgee to create a home base in Orlando and also give him the ability to try new music and new techniques.

When not abroad, Walgee can be found at some of the hottest parties in the US doing shows of all sizes. Walgee also has a radio show in Angola which currently has over 4.8 million listeners. He is now looking to attain major sponsorships for one of his numerous mini tours. Be sure to check out www.DjWalgee.com & www.myspace.com/Walgee to stay up to date on Walgee’s every move.

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