【Official Music Video】SHINGO★西成/鬼ボス feat. J-REXXX [Pro.by DJ FUKU/Dir.by kurofin] (P)(C)2017 昭和レコード - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 18, 2017
2017.05.24 Release
限定盤 SHWR-0054  税抜定価:¥3,500+ tax
※MUSIC VIDEO5本とショートインタビューを収録したドキュメンタリータッチのDVDつき生産限定盤
通常盤 SHWR-0053 税抜定価:¥2,700 + tax

01. ひらきなおる [Track produced by PENTAXX.B.F]
02. 鬼ボス feat. J-REXXX [Track produced by DJ FUKU]
03. 絶句☆ニッポン feat. TAK-Z & KIRA [Track produced by grooveman Spot]
04. すんまへん [Track produced by TRAMPBEATS, Piano by 増谷紗絵香]
05. GGGG [Track produced by PENTAXX.B.F]
06. 祭り [Track produced by TRAMPBEATS]
07. 一等賞 [Track produced by maruhiproject]
08. あんた [Track produced by DJ AK, Additional direction by NAOtheLAIZA, Guitar by 田中志門]
09. KILL西成BLUES [Track produced by SPIN MASTER A-1 (Spin Scaanlous) Additional Piano by UYAMA HIROTO]
10. Fuck You, Thank You ほな、さいなら [Track produced by NAOtheLAIZA]
11. エエやん [rack produced by Michael James]
12. ここから・・・いまから [Track produced by NAOtheLAIZA, Chorus by YU-G]
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