Manu Kenton

Lille, FR
Artist / Band / Musician
Kentek,MK,Killaz,Lupp,Tool Terror,Nerven,50HZ
It's in 1993 that Manu Kenton starts his DJ Career on radio Galaxie.

Manu uses to play techno and hardtechno. The list of DJ's he performed with includes : BEN SIMS, TECHNASIA, MARCO REMUS, JACK DE MARSEILLE, SPACE DJ' S, PET DUO, UMEK, RUSH .

In 1999, Manu Kenton produces his first release entitled Spirit Attack with Story of Loops, which will quickly become number one of dance charts in Belgium. Nearly 40 tracks will follow under different pseudonyms : Manu Kenton, Namco Keaton and Spirit Attack.

Manu Kenton creates his own label, MK, in January 2005, presenting the famous track : Urban.

A lot of tracks of him has been played by Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Carl Cox, Technasia,Marco Remus,Jamie Bissmire.

Many tracks of Manu are available on famous label like Lupp,Tool Terror,Killaz,Nerven,50HZ.


MANU KENTON -Delete-(Djax up beats)-2009

MANU KENTON -Story of fuck(Kentek03)-2008

MANU KENTON -Ragattack(CBC02)-2008

MANU KENTON -Dedication EP(Cannibal society)-2008

MANU KENTON -Predator(Kentek)-2008

MANU KENTON and MAX WALDER-All night long-2008

MANU KENTON -Heroes(Kentek)-2007

MANU KENTON -Access(MK)-2007

MANU KENTON -Indian Tonic(Square Beats)-2007

MANU KENTON -Porn Star(MK)-2007

MANU KENTON and MAX WALDER - As you want (50HZ)-2007

MANU KENTON - Agrid(Nerven)-2007

MANU KENTON - Hysteria(Killaz)-2007

MANU KENTON - Akira(6feet under)-2007

MANU KENTON - Mobility(MK)-2007

MANU KENTON - Grey EP(Tool Terror)-2006

MANU KENTON - Hardteck Compilation-2006

MANU KENTON - Urban (Mk rec.) 2006

MANU KENTON - Reform (Mk rec.) - 2006

MANU KENTON - Mk compilation (Kevlar) - 2006

MANU KENTON VS ROTOR - Silver box (Mekanik) - 2005

MAX WALDER VS MANU KENTON - Adrenaline (Lupp) - 2005

MANU KENTON - Amnesik (Genetic) 2005

MANU KENTON Hypnotik (Ghostyle)-2005

MANU KENTON - Pro-jekt anthem (Virtual) - 2005

MANU KENTON - Petrol (Mekanik) - 2004

MANU KENTON - Freak on (Kevlar) - 2004

MANU KENTON - Basik (Ghoststyle) -2004

MANU KENTON Industrial(Virtual)-2004

DIABL'S - Addiktid (541) - 2003

MANU KENTON - Cubik (Kevlar) - 2003

SPIRIT ATTACK - The snake killer (Reaktion) - 2003

NAMCO KEATON - Past present future (Lupp) - 2003

MANU KENTON - Afrodisiak (Kevlar) - 2003

MANU KENTON - Korosion (Kevlar) - 2003

GHOST - Hey you (manu kenton rmx) (News) - 2003

NAMCO KEATON - La matrice (541) - 2002

SPIRIT ATTACK - Story of loops (News) - 2000

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