Aphid Moon - Live Set / RadiOzora 27/12/2013 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 04, 2014

1. Aphid Moon vs Contineum - Cultivate (Aphid Records) 00:00:00
2. Aphid Moon vs Zeus - Suspended (Aphid Records) 00:10:00
3. Aphid Moon vs Ajja - Valahalla (Peak Records) 00:17:40
4. Aphid Moon - Cosmic Order (Nano Records) 00:25:00
5. Aphid Moon vs Atoned Splendor - Middle Kingdom (Aphid Records) 00:32:02
6. Aphid Moon vs Nirmal - Jagganath (Aphid Records) 00:39:46
7. Aphid Moon - Nutha Buffa (Aphid Records) 00:45:44
8. Aphid Moon vs Paul Taylor - Never Get Out of the Boat (Aphid Records) 00:53:53
9. Aphid Moon vs Paul Taylor - Kolonal Panik (Aphid Records) 01:00:38

Aphid Moon is the solo project of UK Psy-Trance producer Jules Hamer started in the mid nineties with early releases coming out on Interstella Records as well as Dream Creation's 'Sound of Freedom' compilation in 1997 and 1998 respectively. He cut his teeth promoting a small psychedelic night during the heady days of the first wave of Psychedelic trance in the UK, Djing and performing live in various London squats, clubs and outdoor parties. Absorbing various Stimuli along the way. In 2001 he had a breakthrough track with 'A lot of Radio' on Flying Rhino Records with things really taking off from that point. Since then releasing on virtually all the major British psy-trance labels (Tip, Twisted, Dragonfly, Alchemy, Atomic and Nano Records) as well a variety of exotic international labels. He has released three solo albums and one collaborative album to date: 'High Diver' released on Dragonfly Records in 2003 a deep night time sound, 'Global Culture' in 2005 a more new full-on incarnation on Nano Records and as the AMD project 'Big Fish' a collaboration with producer Dick Trevor which became an instant trance classic also on Nano Records. Various experimental collaborations swiftly followed with the likes of Tristan, Laughing Buddha, Ans and Lucas. Such as 'We Are your Friends' and the Queens Park Derangers' excellent 'Create a Hippy' released on TIP in 2006. In 2010 his third solo album 'Super Collider' came out on his own label 'Aphid Records' sealing his reputation as a cutting edge producer with an original and evolving deep and sometimes moody yet unmistakably British psychedelic sound. He has been rocking out digital EP's ever since. This November marking the eleventh EP release on Aphid Records. His unique style has bought him considerable international recognition. With regular party and festival bookings throughout the globe in India, Thailand, Japan, Israel, S.A., Brazil, South and Central America, U.S.A., Australia, Russia, Europe and the U.K. This year he has been busy as ever in the studio. With a healthy release schedule: 'Monolith' on the Matreia Festival compilation, 'Trapezium' on Kundalini Records' 'Manana's Bananas' and a full-on night time four track EP with plenty of attitude and surprises "Outpost" with heavy weight psy-trance dj/producer Paul Taylor on Aphid Records. Hurtling down the psychedelic vortex comes the next Aphid Records 'Middle Kingdom EP' out in November on Aphid Records featuring collaborations with Atoned Splendor and Nirmal. Plus hot off the press soon to be released Aphid Moon -- 'Cosmic Order' on Tristan's new UK Trance comp on Nano Records.
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