DillaCity, Michigan, US
Hip Hop / Rap / R&B

Proof (R.I.P), "Whutch U No" (Producer - album: Detroit Compilation, 1998);

Marquis, "Come On Now" (Producer, Side Artist - Maxi Single: All About Me, 1998)

Snake Pletskiano "Don't Waste Your Time" (Producer - album: The

Prescription, 2003);

Young Ryder "Party Tonight" (Producer -album: The Natural, 2003);

Proof (R.I.P), "Love Letters" (Producer - album: I Miss The Hip Hop Shop, 2005);

Snoop Dogg "Beat Up On Your Pads" (Producer [with Mr. Porter] - album:

Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, 2006);

L'Renee "I Love My Life" (Producer - album: 2nd Chances, 2007);

RenCen "Who" (Producer - album: Size 10, 2007);

Moody "Born To Mack" (Mix engineer, 2008);

B.L.A.K.E Eerie (Mix engineer, Mastering Engineer - album: Seceretary

of Defense, 2008)

Jay Beretta (Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mixtape DJ - album: 17

Shots: the Mixtape, 2008)

Undataka (Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mixtape DJ - album:

Undataka Is Your President: the Mixtape, 2009)

Moody featuring Slim of 112 "Can't Stop (Thinkin' Bout You)" (Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, 2009)

Identical "Fanning With da Money" (Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer. 2009)

Moody (Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer - album: Too Fly to Land Mixtape, 2009)

Whitney Raenan, "iCandi" (Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, 2009);

L'Renee "Reflections" (Producer - album: Europe, 2009);

Lady Te, "Shut It Down" (Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, 2010);

World Famous M.A.T.I.X (Mastering Engineer - album: LMAO: A Graphic Novel, 2010);

What DJ DDT is:

Mobile/Club DJ:

Specializing in urban music, DJ DDT has played for crowds as large as

approximately 2,000 at once! With almost 15 years experience in the

clubs, you can guanrantee a pleased crowd by the end of the night!

Mixtape DJ:

With the ever-changing world of technology going hand-in-hand with

music, DJ DDT is an excellent fixture in the mixtape circuit, bringing

the classic use of turntablism to today's brand of Hip Hop and R&B

music! Whether artist-specific or themed, a mixtape with DJ DDT is

worth keeping as a collector's item!

Radio Mixshow DJ:

Hearing DJ DDT mixing on the air, you can expect nothing but the best:

air-tight blends, impecable timing, the absolute best selections with

the "classic mixshow DJ touch!" DJ DDT is an extra hot commodity!

Music Producer:

DJ DDT holds his own, bringing excellence, a certain style, a bit of

his swagger, huge imagination and great creativity to Hip Hop and R&B


Radio Producer:

With 15 years at a major-market radio station under his belt, there's

nothing DJ DDT can't do for any urban radio station!

Recording Engineer/Mixing Engineer:

Learning from the best engineers in the music industry, DJ DDT can

offer rich, full, superb sound to any music project!

Radio Personality:

"One of the nicest guys I know!" That's a phrase often used to

describe DJ DDT. It also spills over into radio.a warm, easily

lovable character, very much enjoyed by tons of listeners for 15


Radio Commercial Producer:

You need your business to stand out? The pleasant, locally

recognizable, strong voice of DJ DDT can get you there! Lots of

experience in the commercial production department!


DJ DDT can help you get a kick-start in your musical career, advising

artists, labels and producers.


Looking at me, you wouldn't believe that I'm a 25-year vet as a DJ.

Starting at the age of 5, my love of music began with a huge record

collection that my father, an ex-drummer, started for me when I was

only 2 years old. From Kindergarten to now, the love of music only

grew bigger. As a teenager, I kept my passion for music by becoming a

DJ for a rap group, and was often seen bangin on tables during

lunchtime as my peers freestyled or battled in the lunchroom. I took

those beat skills and learned how to use a drum machine to make my own

tracks (just as dope as what I heard on the radio). My popularity

began to spread among the high school students at Finney High, where I

was often hired as the DJ for the house parties. While in high school,

I took a radio class at Golightly Career & Technical Center to learn

all about radio and earned an internship in WJLB's promotions

department. Impressed with my editing skills, then program director

Steve Hegwood brought me in months later to become a producer for the

evening show. I knew that being at JLB was a once-in-a-lifetime deal,

so learned all I could (I'm a fast learner!). I was producer of

evening, then afternoon shows, a mix-show DJ, a production assistant

(where I made commercials), and an on-air personality. Since I've been

at WJLB, I stayed in tune with the Hip Hop community and was respected

by nearly every rapper & DJ in the city. I quickly became friends with

individuals who frequented the Hip Hop Shop during the mid to late

90's. By 1999, I became the DJ for monster group D12 (Shady/Interscope

Records). In between all this, I also moonlighted as a coordinator for

Penmp Entertainmnent, one of Detroit's premiere promotions & marketing

companies, headed by Rapper/Marketing wonder, T Da Pimp. I became the

technical producer WJLB's morning show, where I had a segment every

Wednesday and Thursday called "DDT's New Music Report". I am now the

station's Local Music Coordinator and host "Whats Next on the Menu"

every Saturday, bringing unsigned Detroit artists to the airwaves. I

am also mixing and hosting several mixtapes, and am now the DJ for Mr.

Porter (D12/Mr. Porter Productions/Runyon Ave Records). I'm also a

part of music production for several artists including D12, Snoop Dogg

(Doggy Style/Geffen), Pharoahe Monch (SRC/Universal), The Game

(Geffen), P.H.E.A.R. (Runyon Ave Records), Miss Nissa (Runyon Ave

Reocrds), Shard (The World Famous Label), Big Gov (Black

Gov't/Bungalow/Universal), Charm (Live.TMG), Vina Mills (Live.TMG)

and Preacha (Family Sound) among others. You can also hear my music

production on TV and radio commercials.
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