Antwerp, BE
Artist / Band / Musician
Hard House / Electro / Techno
Dirty Workz, Zoo Records
Coone, a youngster with a dream and vision, has become a real Mister over the years, or better : Mister Dirty Workz !

When the harder styles became more and more popular in Belgium, Coone quickly became one of the leading dj's and producers in this scene. Many of his records have become real classics in what we now know as Jump & Tekstyle music. The last 2 years, Coone wanted to expand his musical horizons, and started producing & playing hardstyle aswell. Because he enjoyed both styles so much, he felt that he didn't want to choose, but simply do both or whatever he felt he'd like to.

With this "think outside the box"-attitude, Coone started up his own record label Dirty Workz. This was a platform that offered him total musical freedom and new opportunities. He also wanted to give new talents a platform to develop themselves and the label.

Besides collaborations with artists like Deepack, Ruthless and D-Block & S-Te-Fan, new talents such as Demoniak and Psyko Punkz found their "homebase" on the Dirty Workz label. Now, Dirty Workz and it's artists have become a real "family" with a joined vision and goal : spreading the M*therF*ckin' Dirty Sound around the world !
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