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Dixie Dirt’s music has a bizarre intoxicating effect on people. Maybe because of

their cult-leader-like talents, as of yet nobody’s been able to name their sound.

“Appalachian art punk” was a favorite description from the Metro Pulse in


Fans try to wrap their minds around it by saying "you guys are like Wilco meets

the Pixies" or "a cross between Tool and Radiohead but with Chan Marshall

singing". Or this gem, "you sound like no other band ever but somehow your songs

are so familiar, its like I put them on mixed tapes in junior high." Awww, we

love you too.

Dixie Dirt’s live shows are the only place on the planet where punks, hippies,

metalheads, hipsters, folkies, professors and rednecks can all hang out together

and still play nice. The shows are so completely mind-blowing, people actually

lose time then bitch at them for playing "for like only 30 minutes, man", after a

two-hour set with an encore.

Their fans are often compelled to do weird shit after the show such as give the

band hair clippings, anecdotes from childhood, make strange obsessive comments

about living on a mountaintop with them, give them the clothes they’re wearing,

start crying or buy one of their albums: Pieces of the World, On Our Way Like We

Never Met, Springtime is for the Hopeless and Other Ideas.

If you missed them at Bonnaroo or Sundown in the City; fear not, they’re shopping

a demo and will soon be in a city near you.



Trust that one day, generally couth professionals will be

ripping off their ties and giving them to the band in a shower of thank-yous ALL

OVER THE WORLD, instead of just on the East Coast. If you don’t believe that, go

see them play. They will gladly accept your shoes and add them to the collection;

no matter what size you wear because they're very open-minded like that.


pieces of the world

1. so good so bad

2. pieces of the world

3. badlights

4. driving

5. sleep part 1

6. sleep part 2

7. long distance

8. dance song

9. 15th street

10. appetite

on our way like we never met

1. boulevards

2. small town crisis

3. teeth

4. lipstick

5. defender

6. teenager killer

7. why'd you have to

leave me like that


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Teenager Killer

Director: Joshua Lee Yancey


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Bad Lights

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