Osijek, Cr
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Hardcore
Dirty Old Label
Band was formed in early autumn of 2002. Original line-up consisting of: Andrej, Remba, Elke and Domba hasn't changed ever since. Their very first rehearsals were played with a single electric guitar and it's 20W Marshall amplifier, one acoustic guitar and an old drum set. Fairly quickly band got equipment support from their older friends' bands - "Learning English" and "No idea" which resulted in some serious rehearsals.
In a very short time band recorded and self-released their first demo simply called "Demo 1", which allowed them to play first gigs outside of their hometown of Osijek. In the following period many other gigs came into play and Diverzija toured most parts of Croatia and some of Serbia, while finishing new material in the meantime.
September 2005 they hit the studio for their first full-length named "Days of our lives". Album was recorded and produced by Filip Sertic (from Los Primjer and Dislike) in his own Studio "Depth" in Pozega. After it's release in late 2005, band became more serious about their music and started both promoting the album and working on new songs.
From the very beginning of their work, Diverzija tended to point out the relevance of music in making changes in our lives. Their current album "Bloodied but unbowed", recorded at Studio "Depth" in Pozega and released in Dec 2008 even more emphasizes that fact. Songs from "Boodied but unbowed" are direct, raw, socially engaged and musically blasting! Listen out at www.myspace.com/diverzija
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