Marc Nostromo

Brussels, Brussels-capital, BE
Artist / Band / Musician
Electronica / Experimental
Majors killed music
The AWESOME effort of 8bitpeoples and 2PlayerProduction - 32 Live Recording from blipfest 2008. Available on Bandcamp and the 8bitpeople web site

Blip Festival 2008: 32 Live Recordings2 Player Productions

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"Disco Dust" out on 8bitpeoples !

Wanna read crap about me ? this way, darlin'

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M-.-n started digging the guts of the Gameboy in June 2004. Since then, he's been developing a specific style by taking a straight electro-dance floor approach, combined with gritty sounds & high drills that he now refers to as 'discodirt'. He's been taking his Gameboys on the road in many countries including his homeland, Belgium, but also France, U.K, US, Sweden, Netherlands and Australia.

Recently, he's been putting his coding skills to develop a new music program targeted to handhelds. The result of this is LittleGPTracker, an ongoing project running on a few platforms: GP32,GP2x,Windows and probably more in the future. Most of his recent tracks have been done using LittleGPTracker. Since it is sample based it does allow a lot of sonic flexibility while keeping the portability & interface of the Gameboy one. <3


M-.-n live in Saint-Petersbourg, Russia [100Mb/68mins]


My older Gameboy tracks are finally available on the Majestic 8bitpeoples label. All of them 100% Gameboy, no artificial flavoring garanteed!

Available here

IDTP (DeutschlandHatEuchLieb mix) is featured on the compilation from the uber nice belgian electro punk compilation of das junge fest (more info)

3 dashes of pepper (minirave mix) is featured on the bonus disc of the awesome 8bitpeople 8bp050 compilation effort. (more info)

Remixed 'Hollowgrams' for NYC based band 'the evolutionaries'. Distributed alongside other re-works of their songs by several artists in a Digital album called 'Killed by computers' (more info)

M-.-n's cover of Kraftwerk's 'Pocket Calculator' is featured in glomag's allstar megamix as part of the 8bitoperators released on Astralwerk (more info)

Psyrobot featured in Japanese 8bit V/A compilation on intikrec ! (more info)

*Past Dates*

091027: Buzz on your lips, Brussels[be]

090925: MOSPROEKT club, Moscow[rus]

090919: Ma Gameboy a 20 ans, Paris[fr]

090626: Toyfabric 7 w/ Goto80 & Sabrepulse, Gent[be]

090523: Game Over w/ Glomag, Delft[nl]

090522: Wipe the floor clean w/ Glomag, Mediaruimte[be]

090424: Knobs & Wires w/ Tex Taiwan @ tel18, eekeren[be]

081204: Blipfest 2008, Brooklyn[usa]

081108: One Festival with Patric Catani, Aalst[be]

080906: Mediaruimte, Brussels[bel]

080808: Plein open air @ R.T.T with Candie Hank, Brussels[bel]

080430: Marc Nostromo Vs. Toytone @ Botanique, Brussels[bel]

080228: Marc Nostromo Vs. Toytone @ LAC 2008, Cologne[de]

.071116: Dance to the bit @ Worm, Rotterdam [nl]

070713: Be my gameboy tonight @ Place club, Saint-Petersburg[rus]

070706: Das Junge Fest @ Flagey, Brussels[be]

070623: Doornroosje, Nijmegen [nl]

070119: Mr.exe 03 with GOTO80 @ mediaruimte,Brussels[be]

061202: Game+Art Exhibit, Brussels [be]

061125: Cremalert @ brusselsuxx HQ, Brussels [be]

060930: Micropunkstreet - Nuits blanches 06, Brussels [be]

051125: System Overload - Azijnfabriek, Roermond [nl]

051102: Meet the boss level 1 - Beurschouwburg, Brussels[be]

051022: International Chiptune Resistance - The Tank, NYC [usa]

051014: Cheap & Expensive - Windows, Brussels[be]

050909: Stichting Kunst Is Passie - Tienray[nl]

050716: Mikrodisko - Stockholm[swe]

050708: Micro beat beach paradise @ recyclart - Brussels[be]

050625: Mr.ini 07 @ mediaruimte - Brussels[be]

050611: Paysages electroniques / !We are not toys! - Lille[fr]

050407: Micro[be] counterintelligence infection - Mechelen[be]

050212: 'Lust in Space' Party @ the Ambassy - Brisbane[oz]

050209: Ric's bar - Brisbane[oz]

041218: Mr-Ego celebration party - Brussels[b]

041203: Coast & 1012 "We have Talala" party - Brussels[b]

041119: We are not toy of music business 3 - Lille[f]

041027: RiSK 8-BIT MUSIC - Tilburg[nl]

040824: Micromusic 5th Birthday - London[uk]

040610: Liquid Space Xhibit - Brussels[b]
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