Dirtmusic feat. Aminata Wassidje Traore - La Paix (Peace) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 10, 2013
Order Dirtmusic's album 'Troubles': https://glitterbeat.bandcamp.com/album/troubles

'Troubles' is the new album from Dirtmusic - Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts) and Hugo Race (Fatalists/True Spirit/Bad Seeds) - recorded in Bamako, Mali, in September 2012 during the high-tension and tragic recent crisis - hence the name, 'Troubles'.

La Paix (Peace)

Knowledge is useful
We must seek to learn
All of us must seek to learn by any method
Mali's youth seek knowledge
Students want to learn
Do your best to be united
So our country can develop
Accept, accept all useful things
Accept, accept all useful things

In this world only progress counts
For all of us, try to make positive progress
We all need to stand up and work
Only good works bring freedom

Only good works bring freedom
Young people have decided

Not to be left behind here in Africa

Young people have decided

Not to be left behind here in Africa
Mali's children raise their hands
To receive what God gives them

The whole world wants to see us standing
All together in unity, so our country can move forward

Peace is the best thing you can wish for our country
Peace is necessary in our country
Because it is synonymous with union
All Malian artists everywhere
Even those in England
Are united because they want the country to progress
Accept to be united and pray together
For God to save us from the current crisis in our country
We do not know the war
We do not like betrayal
We only know hospitality, brotherhood and sharing
Why do you terrorists come and spoil our country?
You cannot destroy our country
God forbid
Seriously, listen to me...

Video by: John Bosch

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