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Fun Lovin' Criminals hit the airwaves

with a blend of rock, hip hop and blues rhythms straight out of New York

City. The group was formed in 1993 when the boys met at Peter Gatien's

famous Lime Light Club. Bassist Fast and drummer Steve-O

formed a techno group and were well endowed with knowledge of the production

and electronic side of music. Meanwhile, Huey was playing

guitar with local bands Ten Ton Gusto and Kingstone around the LES live

circuit.Later Huey began writing with Fast and recruited Steve to drum

and assist with the programming, and the Fun Lovin' Criminals were formed.

The three became roommates and ended up jamming together in their apartment

and writing songs marrying the technology of the nineties with the rudimental

inflections found in early blues, jazz and rock & roll. Lyrically

they cover such issues as organized crime, drugs, violence, poverty and

politics with their songs often gritty and existentialist in nature but

are just as often humorous.


band's first release was an EP, called Original Soundtrack For

Hi-Fi Living, which was released in 1995 on the tiny Silver Spotlight

label. However, the Criminals were set for bigger and better things, and

they were eagerly snapped up by EMI, who were impressed by the band's

residency at the Limelight. The debut album, Come Find Yourself,

recorded at the Magic Shop was released in 1996 and the group gained quick

recognition and radio play with their UK Number 1 single "Scooby

Snacks". Laden with extracts from Tarentino's Pulp Fiction and

Reservoir Dogs, the song paved the way for the triumph of the debut album

and world tour.

18 months later, FLC returned with their second album 100% Colombian

on EMI, releasing the singles "Love Unlimited" and "Korean

Bodega" which were red-hot hits across Europe. 1999 saw the departure

of Steve-O, leaving the band in February and was replaced by ex-Bad Brains/Cro-Mags

Mackie Jayson. The B-side/Covers collection Mimosa

was released followed two years later by the new studio album

Loco and Love Ya Back DVD containing the self

produced cop story Maui Homicide 2000. FLC parted ways with EMI and soon

after, Mackie left the band to work on other projects. The Criminals landed

on Sanctuary for Welcome to Poppy's, which appeared in

September 2003, Mackie's drum technician Frank (The Rhythm

Man), stepped in for live tour shows and was soon joined the band full



2005 their 5th album was released paying homage to New York exploring

experiences and cultures the city has to offer. Partly recorded in London,

NYC and on board "HMS DiFontaine" a specially kitted-out 40ft yacht anchored

in New York's Hudson River,

the album Livin'in the City is an ode to the city in

which they live and love.


sparked a return to form for the Fun Lovin' Criminals doing many live

shows including Glastonbury festival, Bulldog Bash, Harley Davidson Rally

and the Worlds first silent live disco at London's KOKO club. Huey began

a new radio show on BBC 6music every Sunday afternoon

playing all his favorite tunes from back in the day, playing you new music

and regular guest. The show is very relaxed, fun and educational which

is why Huey picked up a Bronze for best music programme at the Sony Radio


The trio, now all relocated to the UK, have left the cartoon New York

netherworld behind for a colossal outdoors party, creating a self-produced

summertime classic recorded in their London studio and featuring life-long

fourth memberthe Grammy-award winning hip-hop engineer

Tim Latham

(A Tribe Called Quest, De le Soul, KRS-One). The songs tell stories, notes

Huey, about the human condition from the bonkers psychedelic party-rock

of (like OutKast never went away), to the sumptuous, summertime, trumpeting

soul of Classic Fantastic. Summer shimmers on via the irresistible, piano-led,

De la Soul-goes-Latino-carnival of She Sings At The Sun theres the comedy

skit Conversations With Our Attorney featuring Mike Strutter, Paul Kayes

outrageous MTV character. More bedlam-rock meltdown follows with The Originals

before Keep On Yellin, featuring Roots Manuva.


started in 1999 is the original Fun

Lovin' Criminals Fan network for up to date news and information, Tour

dates, Photos, Album lyrics, and downloadable content.

The site became under new management last year in May 2008 -



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