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PUBLISHED:  Mar 31, 2015
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LYRICS - Diet Soda Society
To be honest,
I am full of shit
But that's alright
Because everyone else that I know is
It's just a tough thing
For us humans to admit
Yes we all have the question but we don't know what the answer is
The brain is a funny place

is where I'm headed
My mind is on the brink of going supernova
Just shut up
that's when she said it
She told me just shut up and drink your diet soda

The bloody unknown
My every fear in essence
This neurotic head makes me believe
Danger is omnipresent
And all the crazies talk about
The world and how it's gonna end
I sit worried sick
Because I'm starting to believe them
And I've got an ugly little feeling
The brain is a funny place

I said,
Between you and me, the psyche and the soma
My mind is on the brink of going supernova
I asked her what she thought of person vs. persona
She told me just shut up
Your food is getting colder
Your words are getting older
Just drink your diet soda
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