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Electroacoustic / Big Beat / Nu-Jazz
Didges Brew are pioneers of the Didgeridoo (Didjeridu, Didjeridoo, Yidaki) in Europe!
A fresh combo, not only recognized in the Didgeridoo world, contributes their exceptional skills to Jazz and Club Beats by virtuous Breakbeats mixed with entertaining Didge funk and Yidaki Rap. Didges Brew use the Didgeridoo as a powerful effect for voice and mouth percussion. At times youre convinced that it sounds just like an electronic Beat Box. But the whole sound comes out of a simple tube! "This must be supernatural - you arent able to play Didgeridoo like this, how the heck they do it ?" (Philipp - a fan)
Marc Miethe (Didgeridoos) and Tayfun Schulzke (Percussion) keep on confronting musicians of the Jazz, Club or World Music circuits. They are liberating the oldest wind instrument known by mankind, elevating the Didgeridoo from its image of being an "accompanying drone instrument" into a new status. Their performance on the Didgeridoo is so powerful and contemporary, that even experienced listeners are amazed when Didges Brew play and produce sonicsoundz for the listeners of the 21st century. With their fresh and extraordinary skills and a lot of taste and humor, it is their aim to explore the multiple possibilities of this simple wooden tube, to expose its qualities as a mouth percussion instrument. Didges Brew transform percussion vocals, as well as HipHop influenced Beat Box styles and Jazz Scat improvisations with the Didjeridoo. The tunable Trombone Didge enables them to produce "wicked" sounding melodious bass lines as well as woven virtuous breakbeats to their full spectrum of driving rhythms and exotic soundscapes.

". a real discovery . absolutely convincing interpretation of the term "World Music" . Marc Miethe plays (the Didgeridoo) with intensity and wealth of invention which is hard to match . far and away from Folk Music and you know that the association with "Bitches Brew" by Miles Davis is absolutely right when drums, percussion and samples join in: this is Ethno-Jazz for the 21st century . "Didges Brew" create a truly organic fusion of different music styles and the simple wooden tube is always leading."
(Beate Baum, Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 3 October 2003)
".a real bomb!." sonomag.de
".brilliant." Berliner Morgenpost
".Spectacular indeed." Hildesheimer Allgemeine
".unique artistic.storm of enthusiasm . unbelievable variety." Badische Zeitung
".hot Ethno-Funk." Allgemeine Zeitung
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Marc Miethe
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