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nantes, Bretagne, FR
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Folk / Rock / Pop
Salut, ola, hello…

Je suis Diane k,

je vous raconte en quelques lignes mon histoire :

Tout a commencé par l’écriture de chansons pour moi, intimes et nécessaires, une sorte de « diary » (journal intime) .

Il y a 10 ans, alors que je vivais à Londres, des collègues sont tombés sur mon journal musical posé sur une vieille cassette audio et m’ont poussé à revenir en France pour l’enregistrer chez un ami. Cette expérience de studio donna naissance à mon premier 5 titres “our glorious days”. Mais à l’époque, je ne voyais pas l’intérêt de développer et de faire partager mes chansons. Je suis donc repartie travailler à Londres puis en Irlande, tout en continuant mon “diary”.

De retour en France, ce même ami Guy-François Silve, qui m’avait aidé à concrétiser mes premiers titres, m’a fait découvrir des riffs de guitare qu’il avait composés avec son fils Nicolas. Inspirée, j’y ai placé mes textes et mélodies.

Plus on avançait dans notre trip musical, plus celui-ci devenait sérieux et professionnel grâce, entre autres, à l’enregistrement au studio “la Voisine” (entourés des frères Farley), d’une équipe de musiciens hallucinants (de supers talents dotés d’une bonté énorme) et d’un mastering à Abbey Road (pour leur son… pour le fun aussi !).

12 chansons en sont sorties, réunies sous le titre : “unshared thoughts secretly wanting to be told” et j’ai enfin eu envie de les partager avec les autres. Ce sont mes débuts sur scène qui m’ont confortés dans l’idée que je pouvais à la fois prendre et donner du plaisir à dévoiler mes histoires en musique. Voilà, ce n’est que le début de mon histoire…à vous, à moi d’en écrire la suite.

Hi, my name is Diane k & here’s my story.

I used to work in London for few years; this is where it all started.

I got a tape recorder for my 20th birthday while I was there, I guess my friends bought it for me because I used to love singing for them.

I started kind of a diary with my guitar, singing my feelings, telling stories about people I met, their reactions, our conversations … everything that moved me. And just like a diary, my songs were supposed to stay private, in my room.

At that time, I was working in a restaurant, sharing a flat with

the manager. One day, he found one of my tapes & decided to play it in the restaurant (without me knowing, of course! what a joke!).

People, including my boss, seemed to like my tunes enough (it was a really shitty recording by the way). They pushed me to try & record some of my songs.

i knew a friend back home, Guy-François Silve. this guy has a true love for making music, in his home-studio as well as on a stage. Actually, the first time i got on a stage was with him, i was 18 and we did a cover of The Beatles "Get Back" at the music festival in my home town. So i went to see him, asked him if he could help me record a demo of few songs, just guitare/voice. He started working with me and after a while we ended arranging, recording a 5 tracks home-made CD: “our glorious days” with the help of another friend (Albert Magister). But I did nothing with it.

I think I was not ready to think of myself as a songwriter, nor as

a singer…I was scared, I didn’t see the point of being “naked”

in front of an audience. I went back to London for a while & worked in Ireland for another year, still writing my “diary”. When I got back to France, I bumped into my good friend Guy-François again. He & his son Nicolas (both talented guitar players) had composed few melodies while I was away. Those inspired me a lot, so I decided to give them a try & put some of my texts down. We started to add many instruments parts; this took us ages (about 4 years) because of our respective jobs.

At first, we were really doing this for the laugh, at home, having

a really good time together… & then at one point we realized

we couldn’t go any further by ourselves (not being professional producers). That’s when we decided to ask for a little help from 2

of our friends (2 lovely, talented brothers in Paris).oh I get by with a little help from my friends, mh I get high with.

They came & visit us for the week-end to give us a hand with some song structures, details of rhythms, harmonies…somehow, they fell in love with

the project & insisted on recording the whole thing again, but more seriously this time, in their recording studio “la Voisine” (Paris).

This was an amazing experience for the three of us, surrounded by incredible musicians (artistically & humanly speaking); they did an enormous job on this project. To make the experience even more exciting, we went to “Abbey Road” studio to do the mastering. We printed the album: “unshared thoughts secretly wanting to be told” 18 months ago with the money Guy-François had saved, started to play it live. Today I can say I find true pleasure in performing, sharing the music. It’s a real chance to be able to feel once this warmth moving through a room, from musicians to the public and back.

What more could I ask for?

Really motivated, we are a small team working on spreading our music, looking for concerts, gigs, distributors, publishers, labels…

the whole thing…what every artist does, in a way!

Meantime, I’m still writing my songs, I use this voice mum & dad gave me.I sing. This is something I really need to keep on doing.

It makes me feel alive.

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