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The alternative rock band Dezurni krivci was formed in 1996 in Sveti Jurij

ob Scavnici - Slovenia.

They create exclusively their own genuine music, which is difficult to define, because in it numerous styles of rocknroll are interlaced.

They released their work on 3 records (Nikogarsnje mesto - dalec od ljubezni (Nobodys Town - Far From Love) / DK records 2001, Kakor clovek (Like a Human) / Dk records 2003 and Strup (Poison) / DK records 2007. In 2002 a live record (Dezurni krivci - Izstekani / DK records 2002) with acoustic remakes of their own songs, recorded in the show Izstekani on national radio Slovenia II - Val 202, has been released.

Visually the records have been strengthened with 5 videos (100 in 1 / Mirko Simic Simo 2002; Krik-et / Mirko Simic - Simo 2003; Crf / Peter Braatz 2004, Wanna kill / Vitomir Kaucic 2007, Shut up! / Matej Kolmanko 2008-10).

In 2005, for their compilation Rokerji pojejo pesnike III/IV (Subkulturni azil Maribor 2005), they composed two songs written by the modern lyric Jozek Skucin.

The lyrics, mostly in Slovene language and sometimes in English, are written by the band members themselves. In their music they emphasize the lyrics, because they want their message to be sent out to the listeners not only with music but also with quality lyrics.

Since the beginning Dezurni krivci have played about 200 concerts in clubs and festivals in Slovenia, Austria and Croatia. For themselves they say that they are essentially a concert band and the touch with their audience during live events gives them the energy and inspiration for further creating.
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