Devin and the Dark Light

Orangeville, Ontario, CA
Artist / Band / Musician
Folk Rock / Experimental / Indie
Harmony Rainbow Group
LOUD TO LIVE WITH finds acoustic guitars strolling along playfully, only to find themselves lovingly demolished by giant power chords. Hentsch’s guitar-playing continues to surpass itself and as a writer, he remains the chameleon: the folkie, the long-haired rock and roll star, the shoegazing poet with the clever tongue, a preacher and a teacher with a lesson for the masses. The sleek subtlety of Ian Lilley’s bass is married to the rock-steady, bring-home-the-bacon beats of Justin MacDonald. Like any good union, there is compromise, anger, bitterness and joy. Justin Castator’s electric piano provides enough tonic for all, smoothing out the sound with twinkles and winks, sly smiles and, occasionally, menacing, ear-to-ear grins. The bastard offspring of this genre-smashing musical commune is gorgeous to behold. A beautiful baby, full of wonder, anxious to roam, not afraid to scream or bellow to have itself heard. It all makes for a very intriguing family….a neighbour you will want to keep near your stereo.

Devin and the Dark Light have nothing to prove, not that they mind trying. Their weapon is their controlled chaos, their tightrope dance over the tent revival, the poetry reading, the panhandling songsmith breaking his own heart on a street-corner for quarters, the psychedelic freak-out. It is the sound of four creatively gifted friends pushing themselves to give voice to their souls and minds. It is a battle for the audience’s heart.

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