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Magna Carta
DERDIAN is a Symphonic Power Metal band born in 1998 in Milan, Italy.
Its music is the fusion between symphonic and melodic orchestrations and
heavy powerful riffs moulded out as a background of the concept story New ERA.
In 2004 the band signed an agreement with Steelheart/Adrenaline Records (Milan-Italy)
and recorded the debut album New Era (Part I) in February/March 2005. This marked
the beginning of a new era in the story of the band. The debut album sold a lot of copies
all around the world, specially in Japan Korea, Canada and USA. By now too, New Era
pt. 1 is very requested all around the world.
At the end of 2006, after a self promotion on Myspace (really close to 160.000 friends/
fans at the moment), Derdian were contacted by the American label Magna Carta (Portnoy,
Billy Sheean, Jordan Rudess, Steve Morse) that proposed an agreement to the
band. Derdian signed this agreement and the new album: New Era (Part II) - War of the
Gods - came out in august in USA and In September 2007 in Europe.
At the moment the band has released its third album New Era (Part III) - The Apocalypse
on the 2nd of March 2010.
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