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We have just finished our album entitled, "Birth Of A Worm In The Inner Ear" - available NOW on iTunes . If you came to our "CD Release" at the Casbah on 5/31/09 you might have received a numbered pre-release/limited edition copy of said album. There were only 25 made. Our homie, Geoff Kelly is dilligently working on a documentary DVD, 2 hours in length that will include a full LIVE set that was videotaped back in February, interviews, history, bad jokes etc . . . Special Thanks goes out to Matty Reynolds at Sushifish Recordings for being a part of our family for the last two years, and for so patiently putting up with the Clone Pedal. And to all of you who have understood that Demasiado is a working piece of art, meant to inspire and transcend through all forums of the creative and artistic realm, we salute you and owe you a great deal of thanks. You are the individual.

Demasiado Documentary Trailer
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