528Hz | Bring Positive Transformation | Heal Golden Chakra | Whole Body Cell Repair - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 19, 2016
528Hz | Bring Positive Transformation | Heal Golden Chakra | Whole Body Cell Repair.

Here are some of the Benefits of 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency Music

✓ Promotes Healthy Endocrine System, Lowers the cortisol levels which in turns helps promote cellular regeneration and repairs. This type of sleep music is very effective, as most of the cell level repairs happen at night.
✓ Promotes healing of 3rd chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra which is followed by its beneficial effects of increased amount of energy and positivity boost.
✓ Helps in more Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Meditative Mind Community exists because of you.If you have a few moments, do help others below in the comment section, in whatever way you can. Sometimes just a few words of positivity can make a difference in someone's day. Remember the Butterfly Effect? Lots of love and positive vibes to you all.

Thanks again for making Meditative Mind such a positive, vibrant and safe place for everyone.

Everyone at Meditative Mind would like to Thank all you Beautiful Souls, who support us by listening to our meditations and healing music, giving us their feedback, sending us their love and blessings and buy our meditations, solfeggio music, chakra chants and healing music.

This all helps us to continue on our journey, on our mission. MISSION to bring more peace and mindfulness in people's lives through Music, Meditation and Chants. And you make this journey more beautiful for us, everyday, by joining in these sessions.

Thank You All for that.

Music : Dilpreet Bhatia
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