Deejay OM

Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Psychedelic / Experimental
Heardrums, Galapagos4
I'm a deejay and producer who makes music under the name Deejay OM. I love music, art, cooking (vegetarian and vegan delights!), yoga, meditation, fashion (I will endorse companies that I like, feel free to holler if you like my style), movies, and much much more.

I am currently affiliated with the following labels/crew:

Vinyl Monkeys

Heardrums (Heardrums on Myspace)

Galapagos4 (Galapagos4 on Myspace)

Refinery Records

Easel in Japan

I will be regularly releasing new material for youif you are interested in hiring me for my music or having me deejay for a party/club, event, or function.please add me.or contact:

For Booking:

.thanks to all of you who have enjoyed my music, and have supported and helped me throughout the years :)

If you do not have it, I suggest you pick up my all instrumental solo album (the tracks "Silk Dealers of New Delhi" and "The Arrival" are on that album):

Deejay OM's "Reheated Naan and Curry" on Galapagos4

my album is best described as “a journey into psychedelia, break neck beats, and exotic Middle Eastern flavorings”

and is available at:


Tower Records,

Access Hip Hop,

Best Buy,



Barnes & Nobles

CDUniverse, Hear Music (Starbucks Music Store), Itunes, and many more places! (please click on one of these store links and get my album.and help support my music career! :).please check back for more updates, songs, blogs, and pics, and I hope you enjoy the current soundclips :)

Peace and blessings,

Deejay OM (Heardrums, Galapagos4, Easel Records in Japan)
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