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DJ NOISE - Biographie

Patrick Finger (32), better known under his pseudonym DJ Noise, is one of the best loved and most sought-after DJs in Switzerland. Connoisseurs of the scene consider him one of the most talented mixers alive.

DJ Noise grew up with ABBA, dabbled in heavy metal for a while, and was swept away by the wave of acid rock in 1988. Armed with a handful of hip house and US acid LPs, he started up a Jugendhaus (youth club) in Wabern and organized his first noise parties that earned him the title of DJ. At the time, Noise mostly used acid, new beat, hip house, hip hop and dance style records.

In 1990 he participated massively along with some friends in the development of the youth disco Black Jack in Bern. At this disco, hip hop and dance reign, even though at the time the new techno style was taking off spectacularly. DJ Noise very quickly realized that he wanted to energize his club-goers with the techno sound. As soon as he had a solid set of techno ready to use, his BPM party immediately provoked the criticism of one of his fellow DJs, who said this new music shouldnt be played here. This apparently only motivated Noise further, and at that point he was ready to blast off.

The young, Bern-born DJ was hired for the first time in 1993 for a Tarot Afterhours at the OXA Dance Hall, the nationally renowned dance hall, and his phenomenal success granted DJ Noise the honor of powering the dance floor of the Tarot Afterhours practically every weekend from then on. In May, he spun the disks for the first time at the occasion of a giant rave party in the legendary Zurich ex-stock exchange. After that he was booked for all the big Swiss parties, including Energy, Victory, Dreamscape, Evolution, Cubik, the Tarot Parties at Urdorf Studio, the White Dove Parties, Odyssey, Magic Kingdom and many others. In 1994, the Swiss DJ appeared at the Love Nation in Weissensee Hall at the Berlin Love Parade. He was not only hired for big gatherings and clubs in Switzerland, but also outside the Swiss border in Berlin, Munich and Calgary, among others, where his vast knowledge of mixing technique is highly prized. Of course, the DJ still belongs to the resident DJs of the Tarot, whether afterhours at the OXA, the old Grodoonia club in Rümlang or at the Sensor in Oerlikon.

In 1995, DJ Noise received a great distinction as the first and only recipient of the Parisienne Rave Award so far, as the best national DJ, as well as the specialized magazine Partysans Election 95 as best DJ of the year. DJ Noise isnt resting on his laurels, though: hes starting a career as a producer working with his own tracks, and as a mixer of several compilations.

Between 1994 and 1997, he created his own studio, Voice Noise. Contrary to most other Swiss DJs, who produce their tracks in Germany, Noise does everything himself from start to finish. A hard road, full of obstacles, which has led him nonetheless to the first rewards for all his work. He regularly receives remix contracts. The popularity of his own label Voice Noise, founded in 1998, hasnt stopped growing.

His domain is trance and progressive. His mix CDs Finger 1 from Zap / Universal Music were named mix albums of the year 1999 by Partysan magazine, and DJ Noise vs. Nonsdrome and Finger 2 appear on the list of the best artist-trance mix CDs in Switzerland.
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