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Hardcore / Thrash
Revelation Records, Some Rec., Combined Effort
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In January of 1988 on Long Island, Beyond arose out of the ashes of a high school battle-of-the-bands outfit called Third-Planet, when the temporary singer of that band, Tom Capone decided to get a serious band together.

Tom recruited drummer Dom Baiocco, bassist Lance, and singer Kevin Egan. They quickly wrote about a dozen excellent songs and recorded a demo, of which they hand-sold about 500 copies at shows (in those days and by those means, this was a lot).

After the huge impact the demo made, Tom decided to get more fully-committed band members. This is when Alan Cage took over on drums, and Vic DiCara came in on bass.

Beyond created a big stir in the 1988 height-of-straightedge New York Hardcore scene. John Porcelly (best known as the guitarist of Youth of Today and Judge) took a hearty liking to the band and offered to put their record out on his new label, Schism Records.

"Signed" to Schism, Beyond turned down an offer from Revelation Records. Unfortunatly. Schism folded, and Beyond wound up doing the record on Combined Effort, which also folded, shortly after the album was released. Luckily, the record was recently re-released, along with the demo and a prank phone call, on Some Records - entitled "No Longer At Ease."

After recording the LP in 1989. Vic moved to San Diego with his family. Beyond played a few more shows with Eddie Ciappa on bass before splitting up in June of 1990. Tom and Alan soon went on to do Quicksand, and Vic went on to do Inside Out.
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