Death Pilot - The Treatment - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 20, 2015
I figured I'd upload a series of videos from a very obscure, underrated (in some regards) band that I found several years ago on 'Myspace'. 'Death Pilot' is the name and I believe their origins are South African.

This is from their promotional/debut album 'The Kill Corps'. They didn't get much farther than this, as far as I know; no 'Wikipedia' page, no accurate or up-to-date fan page or lack thereof, etc. I don't even know if they exist anymore, however I liked a couple of their songs, while I hope you enjoy them as well.

A little back-story: This is my favorite song by them, so I figured I'd upload this song first for semblance sake - I had this song on my Myspace page for about a whole year. I was obsessed with it. 2 years ago I remembered this band while reminiscing on my old Myspace profile (man, I miss Myspace) and actually, surprisingly found a very good quality version.
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