Grodno, Belarus
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Death Metal / Progressive / Experimental
For Russia & CIS countries - Sound Age Productions
The idea to form a progressive death metal band was born in January 2001 and belongs to the guitarist Artyom Serdyuk. But this idea was not destined to become real until May 2002, when the basic line-up was formed. During all this period of time Artyom Serdyuk has been working under material for the future band and participating in different side-projects, by all means trying to find suitable musicians for his "child". Since the end of 2001 his dreams have been beginning to become true and he met the drummer Vitaly "Zmey" Silyuk. For some time together they have been playing covers of such bands as: Sepultura, Slayer, Machine Head, etc., and also form a thrash-death metal band Scrutator Animarum with Vasily Martyushenko as a bassist/vocalist.
In spring 2002 Artyom Serdyuk met the bassist Valery Poznyak and vocalist Mitry Molochnikoff. The idea
finally took its shape, but the band couldn't find the 2nd guitarist. The repeated auditions didn't give
the desireable results.

The decision of the band to play several covers of Death coincided with the idea of Belarussian label
Hangar 18 to issue a Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner. In the end of June 2002 Deathbringer entered the
studio and during 5 days recorded 3 covers: Without Judgement, Crystal Mountain and Voice of the Soul.
According to preliminary information there was almost no time left to send the record from Grodno to
Minsk and the band didn't even manage to do the mastering. Deathbringer took the recorded in a hurry CD
to Minsk, but after several months it turned out that this tribute wouldn't see the light at
By April 2003 the band had finished working under material and entered the studio to record the debut
album. Meanwhile, the question about the 2nd guitarist was still actual, and to their first concert in
May 2003 Deathbringer invited a session guitar player Sergey Kovalenkov.
By the beginning of 2004 the band had come to a stop in the recording, because of the low quality of the
equipment in the studio. Deathbringer managed to record only one track Keeper of Pain, which they
used as a promo.
The band concentrates on the concert activity. On the 27th of May 2003 for the first time they appeared
beyond the bounds of their native town Grodno in Massa Brutto fest 4 in Minsk with the bands
like: Divina Enema, Rasta, Evthanasia, Imprudence, Ossuary, Sontsevorot and Dying
28 December 2003- Deathbringer appeared in Snowstorm 2004 in Minsk with the bands: Devilyn
(Poland), Sufferer, Chemical Warfare, Tweed.
2004 year.

In 2004 annual festivals and gigs in their native town took place, and the final line-up was formed:

Artyom Serdyuk - guitars,
Mitry Molochnikoff - vocals,
Vitaly "Zmey" Silyuk - drums,
Valery Poznyak - bass,
Sergey "Sedoy" Kovalenkov - guitars.

29 April 2004 a concert of Vader was held in Minsk as a part of their Battles in the East tour
2004. The support was as following: Everlost (Russia), Deathbringer, Sufferer,
11 October 2004 the band together with Mental Demise (Ukraine) and Spawn of Possession
(Sweden) was rewarded to support Cannibal Corpse in Minsk, but due to some internal or external
reasons The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus canceled the concert half an hour before the
28 November Deathbringer's 2-hour solo concert Alive in Pain took place in Grodno, with
the support of Prophetic Dream and Iratus Dominus.
Despite the concert activity in spring summer 2004 the band managed to record a new Death cover Trapped
in a Corner specially for A Tribute to Death - Underground, in which bands from Russia, Ukraine
and Belarus participated, and which was issued by the Russian label Under Black Water at the
beginning of 2005.
In summer 2004 Deathbringer on their own issued a single Keeper of Pain, and in autumn a bootleg
with demo and live recordings Circle of What Was.
2005 year.

At the beginning of 2005 (12 March) in Gomel a concert of Behemoth (Poland) and Neolith
(Poland) took place (unfortunately Behemoth refused to play, due to inferior quality of organization).
The support was as following: Veld, Deathbringer, Kamaedzitca, Vestibulum, Black Sugar,
Then followed: a gig in Minsk on 10 April (together with Deathbringer appeared: Posthumous
Blasphemer, Kamaedzitca, Iratus Dominus, Straightland, Endless Grief, Inner Resistance, Psychopatic
Noise); appearance in Brest with Rasta, Frodmortell, Dream 664.
24 May 2005 the band organized a concert of Devilyn (Poland) in Grodno with the next support: Deathbringer,
Vestibulum, Faithless Mind and Iratus Dominus.

In August 2005 Deathbringer went to Olsztyn (Poland) and entered Studio-X, where they, again,
from the very beginning started recording their debut album Homo Divisus. Sound engineer Szymon
Czech (Nyia, Third Degree), who is known for his work with the bands like: Dies Irae, Sceptic,
Yattering, Enter Chaos, Panzer X (Peter's (Vader) project), etc. worked under it. As a guest
musician here appeared Jacek Hiro (Sceptic, Dies Irae, Virgin Snatch). The recording session was
divided into 2 sections: August 2005 and September 2005.
4 October next gig in Grodno, where Deathbringer appeared together with Veld and Hyperion
18 November 2005 the band performed together with Parricide, Toxic Bonkers, Abnormyndeffect,
Disentomb, Stickoxydal and Anal Grind in Massa Brutto fest 7 (Brutalorgy) in
2006 year.

At the beginning of 2006 the band returned to Studio-X to do the mixing and the mastering of the
During 2006 Deathbringer appeared in different gigs and shared the scene with the bands like: Luna
Ad Noctum, Rasta, Nightside Glance, Iratus Dominus, Frodmortell, Vestibulum, Exorciryon, Prophetic
Dream etc.
3 October 2006 the first concert in Poland together with Sceptic, Thy Disease and
In November 2006 the first belarussian tour with Thy Disease and Rasta was supposed to
take place, but due to the fact that tour manager The Flaming Arts couldn't provide the necessary
transport conditions for the band, Deathbringer refused to take part in it.
At the present time Deathbringer are looking for labels to release their album "Homo
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