Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia Guitar Lesson - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 03, 2014
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Dead Kennedys "Holiday In Cambodia" guitar lesson. The next Riff of the Day uses a Way Huge Red Llama overdrive and a Catalinbread Belle Epoch echo for a classic East Bay Ray sound. A dynamic drive with subtle tape warble at around 300ms gets you into the zone and ready for the haunting octaves that begin the song. Holiday In Cambodia also uses an alternate G chord to help keep the chords in the same area and it all escalates to a set of quick 3-note arpeggios in a Dm, Em, F progression. The Belle Epoch also helps this transition into the dry chorus by trailing off the repeats gracefully, something an Echoplex could never do. Enjoy your Riff of the Day guitar lesson!
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