Daniel Blue

Boston, Massachusetts, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Post punk / Thrash / Electro
LaMaison (Canada) Pistol/Petrol (Digital)
Daniel "Blue" Nathan, also known as MCKwik in the early nineties, made his

mark on the electronic music scene at an early age as a weekly act at Tel-Aviv's infamous

Allenby 58, and Jerusalem's Vibe Club. From there he started playing and throwing many

parties/festivals like SteelCityJungle Jerusalem, The Prophecy (which featured RUN DMC

and the The Chemical Brothers), performed Ultra Music Festival (06'-07'), Winter Music

Conference (02'-07), 100 Meters Under Ground, Honey, Enamored, Hiro Ballroom (NYC), and Art Basel Miami as

an opening act for Pete Rock @ Buck 15. Db has played and shared the stage with the

likes of 187 (Jungle Sky/Liquid Sky), MC GQ (UK), Johnny Blista' (SteelCityJungle), Ganja

Kru (UK), DirtyKid (Haifa,Israel), and Perry Farrell (Janes Addiction) just to name a few. In

2005 he began working on a project with Brett "Cosmo" Thorngren called Stars and

Stripes, which was released on Fontaine Records (USA). Later that year he began a

project again with "Cosmo" called The Junkies (AnthemStylePunkKids) which was

recorded and released in 2007' on Fontaine Records (USA) and LaMaisonDuBruit (Canada).

Recently the record got picked up again on Pistol/Petrol Records due for an EP

worldwide digital release in early 2008'. He is also currently in the studio writing and

producing Downtempo/Drum n' Bass tracks under the name "Blue". Below is a video clip of

The Junkies Live (All the Girls Wanna Be Me) @ Hiro Ballroom NYC/October 25th 2007.

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