Metallica Day on the Green '85 (FULL All clips + audio) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jul 17, 2016
For this one I took the majestic performance by Metallica in 1985 at Oakland, and compiled all the video footage that was recorded that day (Unfortunately nothing else was videorecorded) and I put it together with an audio recording (which I borrowed from YouTuber Matthew Bonaldo).
So that's it, I hope you enjoy it, I know it sounds like I just downloaded all the clips and put them together but the matter of fact is, that it was a pain in the ass to keep the sync in the audio recording and the video, mostly because of the fact that the video footage is kind of sped up, because everytime I would sync both tracks at the beginning, at the end of the clip one would be 5 seconds forward than the other. But anyways, I was able to get everything done and as I say, I hope you enjoy it, and fuckin' THRASH TILL DETH!

Oh and almost forgot


1 - The Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone song) 0:00
2 - Creeping Death 1:36
3 - Ride the Lightning 7:28
4 - For Whom the Bell Tolls 14:21
5 - The Four Horsemen 19:07
6 - Fade to Black 24:30
7 - Seek & Destroy 32:00
8 - Whiplash 39:10
9 - Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover) 43:37
10 - Motorbreath 47:13
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