Ela Rose ft. David Deejay - I Can Feel (Official video, PM Beats) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 01, 2010
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Cherejy Manuela, known as Ela Rose, was born in Romania, 20 years ago. She made her debut in 2009 helped by the prolific producer and international DJ, "David Deejay", and she became very quickly a brand name in the Romanian entertainment industry. The two met at an event in Ela's home town were David Deejay and Dony were special guests. "By chance we were near the stage and Ela sang with us a few lyrics from a well known song and that is how we got the idea to do a collaboration with her".
In the spring of 2009 the first single "Ela Rose feat David Deejay-"I can feel" was released. The song was a real success in top radio charts, being declared the best song of 2009 by radio Vibe FM, the main dance station in Romania. Ela says she didn't attended specialized courses to study music more extensively, but, in the gymnasium and high school, she studied music more than the other subjects with the blessing of her teachers. "Maybe they had a sympathy for me or something - who knows". The artist started her career in music at the age of 19 and says that 2009 was the best year she had ever experienced.

'"I never thought that I'll be singing for a living..... I never thought that I'll have the chance in this industry or that someone will believe in me and in my talent strong enough, but he odds were favorable. David showed up exactly when I least expected" -- Ela Rose.

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Ela Rose ft. David Deejay - I Can Feel (PM Beats)
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