Berlin, De
Artist / Band / Musician
Disco House / Techno / Ambient
Spectral, Connaisseur, MBF
Imagine somebody who was born in Poona, India. At the age of five, he used the dance floor of his father's disco as a playground. All this as well as growing up with the music of Miles Davis, Hendrix and Radio pop.
Daso is one of the most talented newcomers in the recent electronic music circus. Out of the blue, Daso's debut record "Daybreak" (MBF Rec., 2006) turned into a long run success for the Techno peak time moments in clubs around the world.
Like many others, Spectral Sound became attentive to Daso's music and decided to publish the young artist living in Cologne. "Meine" was a result of this intervention, a truly extraordinarily techno hymn.
Daso impresses everyone with a wide range & diversity of work. From Disco-House with 80's pop afterburner on MBF to Minimal on Connaisseur records, where he published "Thujon". The track, which was the climax on the Mixmag's Dubfire Compilation, investigates the depths of smashing Italo disco and positively charged Hi-Tech-Trance.
Daso releases on labels such as Flash Records, Session Deluxe, Motor Music and more. His tracks are played by many prominent DJs and can be found on countless compilations. His specific "Pop approach" is a constant element in his work. Its no wonder he has produced a songs for German speaking Pop songwriter, Jens Friebe, and his album "In Hypnose" (2005).
Daso ultimately reveals his true talent in his live performances. From emotional House, which abruptly and unexpectedly changes into Rave hymns and hard Techno. He controls the crowd by creating ecstatic moments through perfectly timed change of styles. Above all, this rare talent is an extraordinary performer on dandy level, with elegance and style.
Quoting the words of our protagonists "Music and love are the most important things in my life, and this message I want to spread through my songs. Love not only to people but to all kind of beings and things."
if you want to book him please contact daso.3d@gmx.de
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