Disco Doubles - Demons (Darshan Jesrani Spit-Roast MIX) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 30, 2013
THIS IS THE MAIN MIX (just to let you know there's the DUB mix, too).
Disco Doubles is the brainchild of Gilberto Caleffi and Erio Simonini, two Italian producers, who fell in love with music during the golden age of disco in a club in Modena. Since the first true love never fades, they later formed a Disco band and named themselves "Disco Doubles". While the original of Demons feat. D'Mia on the mic, has already been released, Permanent Vacation now presents two rare versions from the other side of the ocean by Darshan Jesrani, co-founder of the legendary Metro Area.

Music by Gilberto Caleffi and Erio Simonini. Words by Damiana Pennington.
Produced by Gilberto Caleffi
Remixed by Darshan Jesrani
Label: Permanent Vacation

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