Dapayk / Marek Bois

Berlin, DE
Artist / Band / Musician
Techno / Electronica / Breakbeat
mo's ferry prod.fenourrygular
His moustache looked like shit that's why he turned off the light during producing and after having practised a lot he somehow found himself in techno, wearing a full beard. Dapayk is Mo's Ferry label boss, brings down the clubs for 13 years across the planet, produces releases that rock and have this idiosyncratic sound. Actually, we simply have to find a class of it's own for this one! But for now let's call it "Frickelsound!" By the way: If you leave enough room in the club he also likes to play without this modern computer stuff. Instead he will bring his whole vintage shebang along. Like in old times.wasn't that bad at all, was it? Who isn't up for Frickelsound, can play it safe with Dapayk's techno alter ego "Marek Bois"! Low basses and minimal structures will get the party cooking. The perfect 4 to the floor for the basement!
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